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All About Lotus and Luna

It's another Friday, Beachly Tribe! And you know what that means... it's time to take you behind the scenes with one of our Spring box friends. If you've been a part of the Beachly Tribe for a while, then you'll recognize this week's brand - our Southern California friends, Lotus and Luna! Exuding all things boho beach, we've been obsessed with the Lotus and Luna brand for a while now. I have a feeling you're going love their Spring box feature too. 

Pssst! We're also bringing you a giveaway valued at $585+ to ease into warmer days and brighter vibes. Are you ready for some fun in the sun the Beachly way!? Let's dive in! 

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Behind the Brand with Lotus and Luna

Lotus and Luna is a social impact brand supporting artisan villages in Thailand, and improving their artisans’ quality of life. All Lotus and Luna Artisans are empowered individually with new skills, fair wages, and the freedom to work from home while caring for their families.

At Lotus and Luna, their mission is to help women escape the cycle of poverty. They take great pride in creating beautiful accessories to coincide with a beautiful message. Before Lotus and Luna, their artisans in Thailand were working in physical, laborious jobs with long hours. 

Lotus and Luna Artisans

Fun Fact

Supporting Lotus and Luna provides women artisans in Thailand the comfort and security of work from home, job stability, better quality of life, and paid vacations + benefits. This allows small village economies to not only sustain, but grow and flourish over time! 

An Update from Lotus and Luna

Since our last collaboration with Lotus and Luna, they have expanded their product line and provided new job opportunities for their artisan villages. Take a peek at some of my personal favs from their new collection down below! 

18k Gold Chain Jewelry

This one's for my ladies that love a little bling! When it came to creating 18k gold jewelry, Lotus and Luna knew they wanted to keep their manufacturing in-house with their artisan villages. By purchasing new equipment and investing in extensive training, they were able to provide new skill development and tools for their artisans while bringing a whole lotta beachy, gold-shining jewelry straight to you. 

Lotus and Luna 18k Gold Jewelry

Fully Reversible Bucket Hats

The bucket hat trend took a while to grow on me, but as of late - I can't get enough of them! And what's better than a stylish bucket hat? A dual-sided, reversible one hand sewn by the Lotus and Luna artisans! Due to high demand in their apparel villages, Lotus and Luna took this trending opportunity to offer their jewelry artisans the chance to learn new skills and explore lots of prototypes - ultimately bringing you the best quality bucket hat out there. 

Lotus and Luna Bucket Hats

Cotton Apparel 

Another super exciting announcement! Lotus and Luna has expanded their apparel items to include a full line of 100% cotton. This collection has pants, shorts, and their first ever men's apparel item - a button-up top. This new product expansion is one of the many ways Lotus and Luna has provided job opportunities for artisans, allowing them to add more new artisans to their team! 

Lotus and Luna Apparel

Unlike many of their neighbors and fellow citizens, Lotus and Luna's artisans have been able to maintain a consistent flow of income throughout the pandemic. Over the last two years, Lotus and Luna have worked closely with their artisans to provide consistent support to third world families in need as they navigate the world in it's current state. Most recently, the artisans helped provide food for over 600 families in need within their local communities. 

The Lotus and Luna Spring Box Feature

Lotus and Luna created the Beachly Exclusive Beachcomber Convertible Anklet/Bracelet for the Spring box. Handmade with love and making an impact you can be proud of, this dainty accessory features opalescent beads and an adjustable cotton cord. It can be worn as a bracelet or an anklet - whichever best suits your personal style! 

Lotus and Luna Beachly Spring Box

A tip from Brooke

My favorite way to wear the Beachcomber Convertible Anklet/Bracelet is stacked with other Lotus and Luna treasures. You can shop more from the Lotus and Luna collection here! And when you enter the code LOTUSBEACH at checkout, they'll give you 20% off your entire order. 

The Lotus and Luna x Beachly Giveaway

Every season, we love partnering up with our in-box brands to bring the Beachly Tribe an ultimate beach bundle giveaway. This week's giveaway is with none other than Lotus and Luna, (of course!). 

This giveaway features the Beachly Spring box ($365+ value) and a $220 value prize bundle filled with style, accessories, and more from Lotus and Luna. That means it's filled with $585+ worth of Spring-inspired style for you to enjoy. Check out the Lotus and Luna x Beachly giveaway on the Beachly Instagram and follow the steps to enter. Good luck, Beachly Tribe! 

Lotus and Luna Beachly Giveaway

Did you know?

Lotus and Luna started in 2016 with a team of 12 artisans and they have grown to employ over 300 artisans in 4 different villages. How cool is that!?

That's a wrap on this week's Spring box behind the brand, We're so excited to have Lotus and Luna be a part of the Beachly Spring box! I have a feeling you're going to absolutely love the Beachcomber Convertible Anklet/Bracelet and all the other goodies coming your way soon. Leave a comment down below and let us know what you're the most excited for! 

Not a part of Beachly yet? It's not too late! Join the Tribe today to get in on the good vibes and all the sunshine you could ever dream of. Don't forget to enter the code LOTUSANDLUNA for $30 off your first box. 

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