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All About Thula Tula

Aloha! I'm sure by now you know that the Beachly Winter box is inspired by cozy, coastal evenings spent bundled up by a seaside bonfire. Want to know the main inspiration behind this extra-cozy theme? The Bondi Beach Blanket created by our Winter box friends, Thula Tula! Not only is Thula Tula known for their cozy home goods, but they are a brand in touch with their roots and built on a beautiful message and belief system. 

This week, I am here to tell you all about their brand, how they started, their unique curation process, and so much more! The best part? We have a giveaway with them this week that is live RIGHT NOW!¬†That's right! Head on over to the Beachly Instagram page and¬†click on our pinned post¬†to enter for a chance to win an extra-cozy¬†Winter¬†giveaway brought to you by Beachly x Thula Tula... it's value at¬†ÔĽŅ$740+!

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Who is Thula Tula?

Thula Tula means "hush-hush" baby and was started by husband and wife team, Steve and Angela. It was inspired by their daughter Venice and her Grandmother, Sheila, who passed away from Cancer in September 2018. Thula Tula was born out of the desire to honor Sheila’s life and give back to the people of Africa, the land where she was born, lived, and loved. They provide the finest ethically and sustainably produced products and are a 100% direct-to-consumer "Loom To You" in order to offer the most direct experience possible.

Thula Tula was built on four principles that have guided their wya through all that they do. They are... 

4 Principles of Thula Tula

Thula Tula is here to make a difference. Not only in your life, but someone else's too. They provide the finest ethically and sustainably produced products but, Thula Tula is the sole supplier of the original Basotho blanket with permission from the Basotho Nation. They are a 100% direct-to-consumer "Loom To You" model to pass savings to you ensure there is no middle-man in their work.

We love when a brand puts their consumer first and wants to ensure they get the best experience possible and the best savings! Well, Thula Tula was nice enough to offer an exclusive discount to our Beachly Tribe!

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Loom To You

Curious about this Loom To You model that Thula Tula is built on? So were we! Here is a breakdown of how this process ensures that the consumer is getting the best deal possible when coming directly from the producer of these amazing blankets. 

Loom to you

Thula Tula's Mill, Aranda Textile Mills is the oldest blanket manufacturer in South Africa established in 1953 and is located in Randfontein just west of Johannesburg. It is a 4th generation, locally owned, family business. Aranda is the exclusive manufacturer of Basotho Heritage Blankets, with the blessing of the Basotho Nation.

Loom to You


Due to the quality and social mission that has driven Aranda since 1953, they are the sole exclusive manufacturer of the world-famous Basotho Heritage blanket, with the blessing of the Basotho Nation. Thula Tula was lucky enough to get direct permission from this Nation to be the sole producers of these blankets in the United States. That's right! There is nowhere else in the US that you can get these one of a kind goodies!

Thula Tula x Black Panther

Want to know what else is exclusive? Thula Tula¬†is the sole exclusive supplier to the United States of the¬†Black Panther blanket¬†the blanket features vividly in ‚ÄúBlack Panther‚ÄĚ, Marvel's blockbuster, the record-breaking, stereotype-smashing, superhero movie! The king's guard wears the Basotho blanket as a poncho-style blanket wrap. The Blanket also serves as their shields and protection. These are the real¬†Black Panther blankets,¬†created directly by Thula Tula themselves!

Thula Tula x Black Panther

These are the same blankets worn as a shawl by the King's Guard in Marvel Studios' "Black Panther" superhero movie, also serving as their shields and protection. We know this because not only did they buy them from us, but the Basotho Blanket is a heritage and patented blanket that is only available from Thula Tula nowhere else in the United States. The Basotho Nation and its monarchy have given us consent. It's a big deal, and so are the Basotho Blankets.

The Basotho Blankets are woven in Africa by the Basotho people. Each blanket is approximately 61 X 65 inches. The blanket's design is woven into each blanket, and it cannot be replicated. The Basotho Wakanda Forever blankets are considered one of Africa's most prized symbols of honor and respect, explicitly worn for dignitaries or respected like Prince Harry and Nelson Mandela. Hence the reason it has been used as an honor in both Black Panther and the sequel Black Panther Forever.

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The Thula Tula Winter Feature

The Bondi Beach Blanket | $129 retail value

The Bondi Beach Blanket

Details - What better way to keep you cozy all Winter while still reminding you of the beach than the abstract palm print of this luxe blanket!  Whether you’re cuddled up on the couch or headed to watch a beach sunset, the weight of this throw is the perfect way to keep you warm all season long.

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The Thula Tula x Beachly Winter Giveaway 

Thula Tula x Beachly Giveaway

Are you ready for this official Winter box giveaway? I'm sure you know by now that it's with none other than our Winter box friends, Thula Tula! This giveaway is every beach-lovers dream. Did I mention it's valued at $740+!? Click here to enter the Thula Tula x Beachly Giveaway!  

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