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Vagabond Goods - The Island Time Shell Candle

Vagabond Goods Reviews
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Details -  With coconut notes evoking the warmth of the tropics, this candle compliments any sea-inspired space. Now for the biggest question - enjoy as a decorative piece or burn and enjoy the delicious coconut scent? The choice is yours, sunshine!

Brooke’s Tip - I’ll be using my Island Time Shell Candle as a little bit of beachy decor in my humble abode. It pairs super cute placed on top of a Mango Wood Coaster, too! 


About the Brand - Born from the hypnotizing patterns and bold color schemes found in cultures around the globe - Vagabond Goods creates unique, beachy bohemian pieces for the wanderlust-filled adventurer. With sunshine and good vibes at the heart of all things they do, Vagabond is the perfect collection for the creative soul. 

Designed with love in Venice, CA

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