3 Easy New Year's Resolutions for 2024 | Beachly Tips

3 Easy New Years Resolutions

Hey, Beachly Tribe! Ready to ride the wave into 2024 with a splash of fun and some seriously achievable New Year's resolutions? We all know the drill – the fresh start, the ambitious goals, and the hopeful anticipation of a year filled with adventure. But let's keep it real, finding resolutions that won't fizzle out by February can be a challenge.

Don't worry, I've got your back! Here are three breezy resolutions for 2023 and an exciting addition for 2024. Let's dive in, shall we? 

1. Health + Wellness

Got that itch to move more and eat healthier but don't want to end up feeling like a wilted salad by February? Start small, my friends! No need for a complete lifestyle overhaul. Transformations take time, so trust the process.

My tip? Start small, don't change your entire lifestyle! The reason people give up is because they set unrealistic expectations for what they're going to get out of the change. Transformations don't happen overnight and this is definitely a trust the process situation. 


Resolution: 30-Minute Groove

Challenge yourself to a 30-minute workout, four times a week. It could be a brisk walk, a virtual yoga class, or anything that gets your heart pumping. It's quicker than your favorite sitcom, and you'll be surprised how it energizes your day. Start with a walk and work your way up – and remember, breaks are allowed, just not quitting!

2. Fun + Frolic 

Life can be a whirlwind, and before you know it, the year has zipped by without creating many memories. Let's change that! Make time for yourself and sprinkle some fun into the chaos.


Resolution: Weekly Joy Boost

Challenge yourself to try new things or dedicate one day a week to pure self-indulgence. Whether it's a monthly event or a cozy night in with your favorite hobby, commit to making memories. Try cooking a new recipe, unleash your artistic side, or finally crack open that dusty book. Balance your fun and work life – soon, memories will be your new currency!

Money Magic 

Saving money might sound like a headache, but fear not! Tiny tweaks can lead to significant changes in your financial landscape.

  1. Cook at Home: Mom knew what she was talking about – there's food at home! Limit eating out to once a week; your wallet will thank you.

  2. DIY Coffee: Starbucks can wait, seriously. Invest in your home coffee game – it's a money-saver and a morning mood lifter.

  3. Save Spare Change: Those neglected quarters and dimes? They add up. Challenge yourself to stash away spare change and $1 bills for six months. You'll be amazed at the bonus you've squirreled away!

Save the Money

Phew! There you have it, Beachly Tribe – simple, achievable resolutions to kick off your year on a high note. Remember, you don't need to flip your life like a pancake overnight. Baby steps, and you'll be riding the good vibes all year long!

Here's to 2024 – may it be a year of laughter, adventures, and success. Happy New Year, Beachly Tribe!