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3 Small Sustainable Changes to Make

Calling all beach lovers! Here at Beachly, we're all about practicing sustainability to help preserve our planet and keep the oceans we love clean. Did you know practicing sustainability and going green doesn't have to be intimidating, expensive, or difficult? Small sustainable changes can make a huge impact on Mother Earth. Whether you're ditching single-use plastic for reusables, using less water and electricity at home, or grabbing some reusable cotton rounds in your beauty routine - I promise YOU can be a part of making a big impact. 

Check out my roundup of 3 Small Sustainable Changes that you can make. These are easy swaps in your daily routine that will help to make a big difference over time. Let's dive in! 

Swap Single-Use Straws for Reusable Straws

The Beachly Tribe already knows and loves Sand Straw - our San Diego based friends that believe every straw matters. When you sip, Sand Straw supports the mission to save the environment - one straw at a time. 

Beachly Member Market - Sand Straw

Did you know?

By the year 2050, there will be more pounds of plastic in the ocean than fish. Sand Straw is one of the brands working hard to make a change and leave a lasting impact. When you sip with Sand Straw, you sip for good. 

The Beachly Member Market is currently stocked with the Sand Straw Whale Collapsible Straw and the Sand Straw Dolphin Reusable Straws (3-pack). You can shop more Sand Straw products here

Stock up on Reusable Shopper Totes

I have to let you in on a little secret... I am an avid Trader Joe's shopper. And every week when I go in, I never fail to receive a compliment from someone in the store on my Kollab Australia Reusable Shopper Totes. They're so cute, so sturdy, and make grocery shopping fun (but really!). 

Beachly Member Market - Kollab

These Shopper Totes aren't only meant for groceries either - they can be used for a day at the beach, picnic in the park, or a bag to grab while on-the-go. 

The Beachly Member Market currently has the Kollab Shopper Tote in Summer Leaves, Green Palm, and my favorite Blue Palm. If I were you, I'd grab all three!

Opt-for a Reusable Produce Bag

Are you catching onto the theme here? Single-use plastic is one of our biggest enemies when it comes to sustainability. Straws, grocery bags, produce bags... the list goes on. And it's super simple to cut back on the plastic and opt-for some stylish reusable options. 

Beachly Member Market - Post Surf Collective

One of my favorites is this Post Surf Collective Plant Dyed String Bag. It can double as a beach bag (it's super sand-resistant) or your weekend produce run at the grocery store or local farmers market. 

This bag is sooo popular with the Beachly Tribe that we only have it in Golden Yellow at the moment! So hurry and grab yours now before they're gone foreverrrr. 

What are your favorite ways to practice susainability daily? Leave a comment down below and let the Beachly Tribe know!

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