Beachly Tips: 3 Ways to Bring the Beach Vibes Inside

Beachly Tips 3 ways to bring the beach vibes inside

Let's be real... we've spent a whole lotta time inside in the last year. All my time spent indoors has inspired me to find small ways to bring the beach vibes inside. And the reality for many of us is that we don't even live near the beach - so we definitely need all the beachy home decor and inspo we can get! This one is for my beach-loving gals. I have a feeling you're going to love this! Ready to spruce up your space this Spring? I have just what you need to elevate your home, boost your mood, and get those beachy vibes going. 

Seaside Aromas

Love the fresh, earthy smell of a warm sea breeze? I know I do! A little beachy, Spring-time scent will do the trick. I'm ready to put my Christmas-scented candles away and fill my home with light, fresh, airy scents for Spring. There's something so calming about lighting a candle or smelling a diffuser as you walk into a room. It lifts the mood and transports you straight to your favorite beach spot - lounging on a chair, drink in hand, with a whole lotta sunshine. Ahhh - sounds like paradise!

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The Sunnylife 3-Pack Scented Diffuser - Pirette Soy Candle - Surf's Up Surf Wax Candle (use code Beachly25 for 25% off your Surf's Up order).


Coastal-Inspired Decor

Once you have those beachy aromas filling the air, it's time to add a few touches of coastal-inspired decor to your humble abode. You can grab a cozy throw blanket with an all-over sea foam hue or find some fun tropical trinkets to add a splash of beach to your space. These finds are beachy chic, bright, and vibrant. It doesn't get much better than that! 

Want to shop my favorite beach decor?

Pineapple Shell Jewelry Dish - Paradise Print by Lauren Roth (use code BEACHLYART for 15% off and a free sticker with purchase) - The Pink Palace Print by Lola Pilar (use code mango for 20% off your order). 

Beachy Beauty

With all the time spent inside, I've been making an extra effort to pamper myself when it comes to the world of beauty. It's a fun evening wind-down activity and simply soothes the soul. I love discovering new beach inspired beauty and skincare products. Don't you!? I think we all deserve to pamper ourselves every once in a while. 

Want to shop my favorite beachy beauty products?

Beach Rinse Hawaii 4-Pack (use code BEACHLY15 for 15% off) - Pirette Coconut Oil Scrub - French Girl Sea Soak Trio (use code BEACHLYFG for 20% off). 

How do you bring the beach vibes inside? Comment down below and let us know! You might even see some beach-inspired home decor coming your way in a 2021 Beachly box. Don't miss out and sign up for an entire year of Beachly here! Use code BONUSBOX at checkout to get a free Bonus Box with your first box.