Why Get A Subscription Box As A Gift | Beachly

Why Get A Subscription Box As A Gift | Beachly

5 Reasons Why A Subscription Box is the Perfect Gift
Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations or random surprises it seems we are always looking for a gift for somebody in our lives. A subscription box like Beachly may be just the thing you’ve been searching for as you scratch your head thinking “man, what can I get them?!”.

5 Reasons Why a Subscription Box like Beachly is the perfect gift

  1. Play into someone’s personal interests - A gift that directly aligns with a passion of the receiver is a fail safe strategy for picking a present. Our Beachly Box is perfect for someone who gets joy, inspiration and excitement when they’re at the beach or by the ocean. Show you really know them and what makes them happy with a Beachly Box!

  2. The gift that keeps on giving - What’s better than 1 gift? 4 gifts! A seasonal Beachly membership delivers our awesome boxes 4x a year. Not only with the recipient get a box packed with beach-inspired goodies, they get one every season. Each time they open up that box they will think of you - now that’s priceless!

  3. Unique Items - At Beachly we pride ourselves on providing our members with unique items that they can’t find just anywhere. Many of the products in our boxes are exclusive to Beachly and are designed just for our members.

  4. New Products - A subscription box like Beachly is a perfect way to discover new brands and products you may never have found on your own. We’re always looking for what’s new and fresh to make sure our members get exciting new items each season and discovering products they may not have known about.

  5. Surprise - Shopping is fun, but there is something extra special about cracking open your Beachly Box and not having any idea of what you’ll find inside. We scour the market for the best and beachiest items so our members will be pleasantly surprised each and every season.

Are you ready to order a Beachly Box? Get one for a friend or snag one for yourself.

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