5 Tips for Getting Healthy in January

5 Tips for Getting Healthy in January
We’re once again at the beginning of a brand new year and that means New Years Resolutions! Rather than pick out some hard-to-attain goals, we plan to focus on the big picture of our health for the first month of the year…especially after all those holiday indulgences! Today we’ve got 5 Tips for Getting Healthy in January so you can kick start your year on the right foot, but also keep your sanity in tact!

  • Go ‘Weekday Vegetarian” - Maybe you already eat a vegetarian diet but if not there is a way to test the waters without going all in - weekday vegetarian! The concept is simple - no meat on weekdays but weekends are fair game. This forces you to eat more plant-based meals without the feeling of deprivation by going fully meatless. Give it a try for the month of January and see how you like it!

  • Up Your Water Intake - Drinking more water is a simple, easy and cheap way to get healthier immediately. Not only does it help you lose weight, it hydrates your skin, improves energy and keeps away colds. To invigorate your water-drinking motivation pick up a new water bottle and get chugging!

  • Try a New Activity - Starting an intense new workout regimen is an optimistic way to begin a new year but does not often result in lasting habits. Instead of attempting too much, make it a goal to schedule in a couple new activities you haven’t tried before. Workout or dance classes are great ways to dip your toes into something new without committing. If you aim to try a handle of new things you may find yourself getting more active without the dread of a new fitness plan.

  • Focus on Self Care - There has been a lot of talk about self care over the past few years. To some people, this may mean a spa day or getting your hair done. For others, reading a good book on the couch or taking a long walk on the beach rejuvenates them. The important thing to keep in mind with self care is that it will look different for everyone. Take some time to figure out what activities bring you a sense of calm, peace and joy. Then find some ways to incorporate these activities each week.

  • Take it Easy on Yourself - January always comes with pressure to make new goals, set resolutions and go headlong after your ambitions. While having strong motivation is great, it is also important to keep your own self-love in mind. Give yourself some grace and take it easy on yourself too - nobodies perfect!