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Beach Rinse x Beachly Beauty Behind the Brand

Hey there, Beachly Tribe, Brooke here with another Aloha Friday, and you know what that means! I’m bringing you another Beachly Beauty giveaway and a behind the scenes look at one of our Winter box brandsThis week, I am introducing you to Beach Rinse. A brand made to bring you all the coastal vibes with that fresh ocean feeling on your skin and hair! Are you ready to learn more about the brand and their Winter box product? Let's dive in, sunshine lovers! 

Pssst! I must admit, the team over here at the Beachly HQ has been obsessing over the Beach Rinse’ feature in our Winter Beauty Box, and we’re so excited to be sharing more about them with you! Haven’t ordered your Winter box yet? No worries! You can sign up for Beachly Beauty here, you won’t want to miss this box of goodies of tropical, sunshine, spa vibes!

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The Beach Rinse Winter Feature

If you’re anything like me, your typical tropical vacay is spent with a few delicious piña coladas. And thanks to our friends over at Beach Rinse, you can have that vacay vibe with the help of their perfectly scented salt body scrub! With the perfect balance of pineapple and coconut, you’ll be feeling like you're soaking up the sun seaside in no time. And the best part? It’s filled with all natural ingredients! Your hair and skin will be feeling like you just took a dip in the ocean in all the best ways. Simply soak in it, scrub it, or rinse your hair with it and you’ll be transported to a tropical vacation in no time. 

Did you know?

Beach Rinse started with the dream of recreating the ocean feeling, no matter where you are! Founder Arica Young, grew up in coastal San Diego and after her move to the mountains of Utah, she and her husband were craving the ocean-dipped feeling. Thus, Beach Rinse was born!

Behind the Brand with Beach Rinse

Here at Beachly, we've always been big fans of Beach Rinse. We even carried their best selling products at the Beachly Boutique over the Summer! So when it came to selecting products for the Beachly Beauty Winter box, we knew we wanted to transport everyone to that relaxing island vacation feeling - just like the Beach Rinse vision! Here's a little behind the scenes with founder, Arica, and her vision behind the Beach Rinse brand: 

"I was born and raised in San Diego. It was a place and upbringing I am insanely grateful for. My dad surfed, and as teenagers we had a ton of guy friends at the house who went with our family on dawn patrol surf runs, week night bonfires, dinners on the pier, and Mexico surf trips on weekends. My junior year I decided to really jump in and join them all out in the water. I think surfing is totally for everyone, if you're willing to commit. It was totally worth getting pounded a thousand times by set waves. The ocean has and always will have a piece of my heart, which is why I created Beach Rinse. I no longer live close enough to paddle out (I live in Utah), but I can sort of feel like I did. I toss some La Jolla Shores in my hair, or use Dana Point to shave for that salty/silky skin. It's seriously the coolest mind trick that makes me feel like I'm sort of there. I hear it does that for some of you too and THAT is everything. Bringing the beach to you guys, one jar at a time. Nostalgia for the win!"

That love for the ocean is something I can definitely relate to, and I’m sure you can too, Beachly Tribe!

Fun Fact

Arica is also a mom of four! On top of handling a booming, ocean-loving business, she is able to care for her four little “groms” as she likes to refer to them as. We love it!

We're so excited to have Beach Rinse be a part of the Beachly Beauty Winter box! I have a feeling you're going to love your Maui Hawaii Scrub if you haven't received it yet. You can enter our giveaway with Beach Rinse by checking out our latest Instagram post and filling out this form. It's valued at $____! And if you’re dying to get your hands on some Beach Rinse (we don’t blame you!) you can use code “RINSEANDREPEAT” to get 10% off your purchase at Beach Rinse

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