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Cleobella Behind the Brand

Here we are again, Beachly Tribe! Another beautiful Friday and you know what that entails… we’re taking a look behind the scenes with one of our featured brands from our Spring box. Our brand this week is another longtime friend of the Beachly Tribe - Cleobella! Their ability to blend culture derived from Bali and India into such unique, beautiful pieces is something we have always adored about the brand. I can’t wait to tell you all about Cleobella! 

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Behind the Brand with Cleobella

Cleobella’s mantra from their foundation has been globally inspired, ethically handmade. Cleobella is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and celebrates traditional craftsman techniques. This handmade process allows them to create personal relationships with local artisans and small factories - creating jobs and sustainable incomes around the world. 

At Cleobella, they're all about celebrating and uplifting women. Founder, Ange, recalls how her experience in Bali and India inspired the creation of the Cleobella brand. She explained how in Bali, “there was an energy exchange I had never felt before; I was so in love, the people, the food, and culture captivated my senses”. It was on this trip that she was introduced to one of their first artisans, Yanti, of whom Cleobella still works with to this day - 17 years later. Pretty cool, right!?

Cleobella x Bali

Fun Fact

Founder of Cleobella, Angela “Ange” O’Brien, was a model but always felt that she never truly resonated with being in front of the camera. She often felt like she wanted to be behind the scenes of designing and creating the products, instead of being the girl modeling them. Luckily, her time as a model allowed her to travel and live around the world, giving her experience that eventually led to the creation of all the wanderlust-y vibes and boho feels that is now Cleobella. 

The Cleobella Spring Box Feature

Cleobella designed the Beachly Exclusive Fun in the Sun Packing Cubes for the Spring box this season. This 2-piece set is perfect to help you keep all your beach getaway essentials compact and organized. The larger cube is ideal for tops, tees, and cover ups while the smaller cube is perfect for swimwear. No matter what vacation you have planned, Cleobella’s Spring feature is sure to keep your travel belongings organized to make for a hassle free vacation.

Beachly x Cleobella Spring Box Feature

A tip from Brooke

The Fun in the Sun Packing Cubes are perfect for all the vacation essentials you need to stay organized. Keep your Spring-ready apparel stacked together and you’ll be vacationing at ease. Psst! You can shop more from the Celobella Spring collection here! And when you enter the code BEACHLY15 at checkout, they'll give you 15% off your entire order. 

The Cleobella x Beachly Giveaway

It’s our favorite time of the season, and I’m sure it’s yours too! We love bringing the Beachly Tribe beach prize bundle giveaways throughour every season. This week, we’re featuring a giveaway with Cleobella - of course! 

This giveaway features the Beachly Spring box ($365+ value) and a $258 valued bag from Cleobella - The Rivers Crossbody! That means it's filled with $620+ worth of Spring-inspired style for you to enjoy. Check out the Cleobella x Beachly giveaway on the Beachly Instagram and follow the steps to enter. Good luck, Beachly Tribe! 

Beachly x Cleobella Giveaway

Did you know?

All cottons that are used by Cleobella are from certified, organically produced raw materials. This means that there is no use of genetically modified seeds, harmful pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. 

That's a wrap on this week's Spring box behind the brand. We're so excited to have Cleobella back and a part of the Beachly Spring box! I have a feeling you're going to absolutely love the Fun in the Sun Packing Cubes and all the other goodies coming your way soon. Leave a comment down below and let us know what you're the most excited for! 

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