All About Lu & Elle | Fall 2021 Behind the Brand

Say hello to our Fall box friends, Lu & Elle! We're taking you behind the brand and showing you their exclusive Fall box feature.

All About Lu & Elle | Fall 2021 Behind the Brand

Aloha, Beachly Tribe! Our Fall season has officially kicked off - boxes are arriving, the weather is slowly starting to cool off, and pumpkins are popping up everywhere. This season, we partnered up with some of our favorite beach brands to bring you a box that captures the nostalgic feeling of your favorite coastal memories. You might just recognize one of the brands inside the box if you've been a part of Beachly for a while... it's Lu & Elle! A couple of Springs ago, we partnered with Southern California brand Lu & Elle to bring you the Laguna Tote. It's definitely a Beachly Babe fave! And this season, Lu & Elle has designed not one, but two items for the Fall box! 

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Behind the Brand with Lu & Elle

Lu & Elle's owner and creative director, Kendall Zundel, started the brand to create the perfect blend of some of her favorite things - travel, community, and giving back. Inspired by the wanderlust-y, laid back Southern California lifestyle - all Lu & Elle pieces are mindfully made and embody a relaxed yet playful vibe. And here at Beachly, we couldn't imagine a more perfect brand to partner with! With Southern California roots, a coastal flare, and a heart for giving back - Lu & Elle is our dream brand to bring to the Good Vibe Tribe. 

Lu & Elle

The Lu & Elle Fall Feature

 Lu & Elle has a double feature in the Beachly Fall box - and let me tell you, this duo is already a fan favorite! It's the Paradise Palm Backpack and matching elastic wallet. Perfect for on-the-go and all of your Fall adventures, this stylish duo will be your go-to all season long.
Lu & Elle

The Paradise Palm Elastic Wallet

This wallet gives you an effortless way to keep all of your cards and cash in one spot! Made with faux leather and printed cotton, this wallet is the ideal travel companion. The matching duo of the Paradise Palm Backpack and Elastic Wallet will have you feeling that dreamy, wanderlust craving for adventure in no time.

The Paradise Palm Backpack

It's the perfect accessory for all of life's adventures. Whether you're heading to the beach or a hiking trail, this printed beauty fits all of your necessities. Made with a heavy weight printed cotton in a trendy palm print with faux leather trim, this backpack is stylish enough for every day use. The interior pocket keeps your phone handy and the drawcord closure with a magnetic snap guarantees to keep all of your items snug and secure. 

Giving Back with Lu & Elle

Lu & Elle donates a portion of all sales to Baby2Baby. The Baby2Baby non-profit provides children living in poverty with all the essentials and basic necessities they need and deserve. Think diapers, formula, clothing - you name it. Currently, the Baby2Baby program has donated 190,485,653 diapers, wipes, clothing, cribs, backpacks, and more to children in need. 

We're so excited to be partnered up with Lu & Elle this season! As a part of the Beachly Tribe, you're going to fall in love with their brand and Fall box features. If you want to shop more Lu & Elle products, you can use the code BEACHLY25 to get 25% off your entire order. 

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Lu & Elle

Pssst! Stay tuned for our first Fall giveaway of the season. We're partnering up with Lu & Elle to bring you the perfect bundle of goodies to brighten up your day. Keep an eye out on the Beachly Instagram - coming your way this Friday!