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Pirette Beach Evening Glass Fragrance Oil

Aloha sunshines! We're so excited to see everyone loving their spring boxes and posting in all their fresh new digs. Seeing how everyone customized their boxes is always so fun for us at Beachly and we hope you're loving this season as much as we are!

If there's one piece we know everyone has been loving, it's the Pirette Evening Glass Fragrance Oil. We don't blame you! This fresh new take on Pirette's signature scent is one we couldn't pass up and knew our tribe would love it just as much. This week, we're taking a deeper dive into Pirette - we think you'll love them even more.

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All About Pirette

A true Beachly Tribe favorite! Pirette is a Southern California based brand obsessed with all things beach. They love the beach soooo much, they created a signature scent that captures the authentic beach scent in the most magical way. Pirette products transport you to those perfect days filled with a whole lotta sun and sand.

Inspired by the carefree days spent by the sea, Pirette sought to capture the essence of beach life in a bottle. Drawing from her own experiences as a beach-loving enthusiast, she envisioned a brand that not only offered high-quality products but also embodied the spirit of coastal living.

Pirette Beach Evening Glass Fragrance Oil

Fun Facts:

  1. The Scent of Summer: At the heart of Pirette's offerings lies its signature fragrance—a captivating blend of fresh coconut, surf wax, and sun-warmed skin. This unique scent transports wearers to sandy shores and sun-drenched days with just a spritz.

  2. From Surfboard to Skincare: Pirette isn't just about fragrances; it's a lifestyle brand that encompasses skincare, haircare, and accessories. From luxurious body oils to nourishing hair mists, each product is designed to evoke the feeling of being oceanside.

  3. Eco-Conscious Practices: Pirette is committed to sustainability, utilizing environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging whenever possible. By prioritizing eco-conscious practices, the brand ensures that its love for the ocean extends beyond its products and into its ethos.

  4. Celeb Approved: Loved by beach enthusiasts and celebrities alike, Pirette has garnered a cult following among those who crave the sun-soaked lifestyle. From influencers to Hollywood stars, its products have graced the shelves (and beach bags) of those who appreciate its coastal charm.

  5. Community Connection: Beyond its products, Pirette fosters a sense of community among beach lovers worldwide. Through social media and events, the brand brings together like-minded individuals who share a passion for the sea and all its wonders.

The Evening Glass Fragrance Oil

Details - Meet Pirettes newest scent: Evening Glass. As dusk begins, the evening shore is enveloped with a glassy gleam and palm trees turn into silhouettes. The conditions are magically calm and cool – the perfect time in the ocean before twilight takes over. Evening Glass is inspired by that short lived stillness of sunset. Pirette has elevated their signature scent with seductive dark coconut, warm wood, smoky vanilla, and ocean salt.

How to Use: Apply the rollerball applicator to the neck and pulse points, such as, inner wrist, cleavage, base of throat, behind knees and inner elbows. Then, dream of your own evening oasis.

About the Brand -  Pirette has elevated their signature scent with seductive dark coconut, warm wood, smoky vanilla, and ocean salt.

Pssst! Did you know Pirette uses the highest quality ingredients in their products? Their flagship scent consists of all-natural notes that give off fresh coconut, surf wax, and sunscreen. It's that perfect dose of vitamin sea we all need - plus it's non-toxic!

Here at the Beachly HQ, we're a little Pirette-obsessed if you can't tell. P.S. Want to check out more Pirette? They're giving the Beachly Tribe 20% off all orders with the code BEACHLY20. Shop Pirette products here!