All About Pirette | Beachly Behind the Brand

All About Pirette | Beachly Behind the Brand

Aloha sunshines! Believe it or not, the Beachly Winter season is coming to an end. No worries though, I have some extra good news for you - we're kicking off our last giveaway of the season with a mega bundle featuring our Beachly and Beachly Beauty Winter friends - Pirette! And you know what the end of Winter means... Spring is coming soon! Stay tuned for more Spring box details and exciting announcements. Until then, let's dive in to all things Pirette (our favorite beachy fragrance brand of all time). 

Still need to grab a Winter Beachly or Winter Beachly Beauty box? Get 'em now before they're sold out forever! In case you didn't know, Pirette is a part of both Beachly Winter boxes. We genuinely love their products that much! 

The Pirette Winter Feature

A true Beachly Tribe favorite! Pirette is a Southern California based brand obsessed with all things beach. They love the beach soooo much, they created a signature scent that captures the authentic beach scent in the most magical way. Pirette products transport you to those perfect days filled with a whole lotta sun and sand.

Pirette x Beachly

Pssst! Did you know Pirette uses the highest quality ingredients in their products? Their flagship scent consists of all-natural notes that give off fresh coconut, surf wax, and sunscreen. It's that perfect dose of vitamin sea we all need - plus it's non-toxic!

Curious about what their Winter box features are? Take a peek down below!

The Pirette x Beachly Winter box feature

Pirette's Hydrating Body Lotion is lightweight, fast absorbing, and rich with antioxidants to help moisturize and nurture your skin. Composed of Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Shea Butter and infused with the PIRETTE flagship scent, your skin will be left feeling soft and refreshed for the cold Winter months. 

Pirette x Beachly

I love to apply the Pirette Hydrating Body Lotion after the shower to give my skin a little bit of extra TLC. The scent of it also lingers all day long which I love! 

The Pirette x Beachly Beauty Winter box feature

With Pirette's Mini Fragrance Rollerball, you'll be inhaling the iconic scent of Summer no matter what time of year. It's filled with the beautiful blend of coconut, surf wax, sunscreen, and that sun-washed smell after a day at the beach.

Pirette x Beachly Beauty

My favorite way to use this mini rollie is by rolling the fragrance across my inner wrists, neck, and décolletage to warm up the oil and radiate a salty scent that transports me to white-sugar beaches. Ahhh what a dream! 

Here at the Beachly HQ, we're a little Pirette-obsessed if you can't tell. Treat yourself to their dreamy scents and so much more with the Beachly Winter box ($300 value) or Beachly Beauty Winter box ($75+ value). And don't forget to enter our last Winter giveaway of the season with our friends over at Pirette. You won't want to miss out on this mega bundle of beachy goodness, beauty, and all things Summertime-inspired. 

P.S. Want to check out more Pirette? They're giving the Beachly Tribe 20% off all orders with the code BEACHLY20. Shop Pirette products here!