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Seabird Society Beachly Fall Box

Hey there, sunshine. I hope you've been loving the Fall box as much as I have! Although it's still nice and toasty here in Southern California at Beachly HQ, I've been getting cozy vibes whenever I can. This week, we have another fantastic brand to show off who created a piece you have all been loving this season!

This week, we are diving into Seabird Society - the creators of The Birds of Paradise Tote and the co-hosts of this week's giveaway! We think you're going to love this piece even more after learning about this coastal brand. 

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Behind the Brand with Seabird Society

Welcome to Seabird Society, where we're all about celebrating the simple joys and the beauty of daily life! Whether you're enjoying a whimsical backyard picnic, cheering on your favorite sports team from the sidelines, or basking in the warmth of a summer sunset on the beach, they've got you covered with their unique and cozy hand-drawn block-print designs on blankets, towels, and totes.

Seabird Society's journey began with a deep-seated passion for adventure, one that led it's founders from the heart of our Texan childhood to the heartlands of Ohio, the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and back down to the orange blossoms of the Florida coast. Along the way, they were inspired by the sights and sounds of these diverse landscapes, where seabirds soared freely overhead on their own boundless journeys.

As they reminisced about the nature that surrounded us as children, they decided to take our travels even further – across an ocean, all the way to India, to learn the art of block printing. This was a transformative experience that allowed us to combine our love for practical and unique craftsmanship with the beautiful memories of our adventures.

Seabird Society's Signature Style

The creation of their signature blanket, the Shindig, marked the beginning of Seabird Society's new line of outdoor accessories. Their designs are not only beautiful but also functional, made with lightweight, machine-washable fabrics that make it effortless for you to embrace the outdoors and seize the day.

At Seabird Society, they believe that every moment is an opportunity to relish a little bit of magic. Whether it's shaking out a blanket for a baby's nap or enjoying a spontaneous alfresco dinner, their stylish fabrics are suitable for every occasion, reminding us to find joy and beauty in the everyday.

The best part? You can win your very own Shindig blanket in this week's giveaway paired with your own Beachly Fall box! Entering is easy. Simply head on over to the Beachly Instagram, click on our pinned post, and follow the directions in the caption for your chance to win the Seabird Society x Beachly Giveaway. 

Seabird Sociert Shindig Blanket

The Seabird Society Fall Feature

The Birds of Paradise Tote | $60 retail value

Beachly Birds of Paradise Tote by Seabird Society

Details - Give your look a tropical twist with this Birds of Paradise tote bag, perfect for day trips to the beach! Featuring a stripe lining and tassel detail, you’ll be the envy of all your friends as you rock this bag at your next luau! Aloha!

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The Seabird Society x Beachly Fall Giveaway 

Seabird Society

Are you ready for our next official Fall box giveaway? I'm sure you know by now that it's with none other than our Fall box friends, Seabird Society! This giveaway is oh-so beachy and perfect for skincare lovers. Click here to enter the Seabird Society x Beachly Giveaway!  

I'm sure that you cannot wait to dive into this brand, they have so many pieces you'll love to have on your next beach vacation! Be sure to check out their store and get some coastal accessories and apparel!

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