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All About Skylar

Alohaaa sunshines! It's officially our last behind the brand for the Spring season - and this week, we're taking you behind the scenes with clean beauty brand, Skylar. They're the creators of the Salt Air Rollerball in the current Beachly Spring box. If you haven't tried it yet - it's an absolute must! Not to mention, we have a mega clean beauty giveaway with Skylar that's live on the Beachly Instagram. If you love a splash of tropical, salty air scents - then this giveaway and brand were made for you. Ready to check out all things Skylar? Let's dive in! 

Did I mention this giveaway is valued at $580+!? You can check out all the details on the Beachly Instagram page. And if you aren't a part of Beachly yet, you can sign up here and enter code SKYLAR at checkout to get $30 off your first box. Good vibes are always guaranteed! 

Behind the Brand with Skylar 

Get ready to dream in clean with vegan and hypoallergenic beauty brand - Skylar. As a brand, Skylar applies the highest standards of quality to clean beauty and creates scents that are safe for sensitive skin. They're always evolving and learning new ways to do better. Their ingredient philosophy demands the highest standards of safe scent formulation. When we stumbled upon the Skylar brand, we absolutely knew we had to feature them in one of our Beachly boxes! Their clean perfumes are filled with eco-friendly ingredients to craft modern scents for the beach babe on-the-go. Like a dream come true for our Good Vibe Tribe, am I right!? And our favorite thing about Skylar? They go above and beyond for you and the environment! 

Beachly x Skylar Spring Box

Fun Fact 

Founder and CEO of Skylar, Cat Chen, created the company in Spring 2017 with the vision of creating a line of better-for-you, artfully inspiring and long lasting scents. Cat has been inspired by fragrance since childhood. She is a first generation American and her parents immigrated from Taiwan when she was only 11. Inspired by living the American dream, Cat has created a name for herself in the tech and beauty world. Though it was thought to be impossible, Cat found a way to make fresh, inspiring scents that are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and safe for skin. 

The Skylar Spring Box Feature

It’s the smell of endless summers and breezy days, the ones that flood your senses with serenity any time you come within a mile of the ocean. The Salt Air Rollerball Fragrance flawlessly captures the scent of a dreamy seascape, with grounding driftwood and green seaweed mingling to invoke those summertime feelings we all know and love. 

Skylar x Beachly Spring Box

Brooke's Tip on How to Use

Apply your fragrance to major pulse points such as your wrists, neck, below the ears, and even over your heart. When applying to your wrists, be sure to tap them together, don't rub, to help make the scent last longer.

The Skylar x Beachly Giveaway

It's officially our last Spring giveaway of the season! Can you believe Summer is already right around the corner? We love bringing the Beachly Tribe beach bundle giveaways throughout every season and have a feeling this one might be one of your all-time favorites... I know it's mine! It's every beach-loving, beauty-babe's dream come true. And this week, we’re featuring a giveaway with Skylar - of course! 

Beachly x Skylar Giveaway

This giveaway features the Beachly Spring box ($365+ value) and a $215 prize pack from our friends at Skylar! Hint! It's filled with $580+ worth of Spring-inspired goodies for you to enjoy. Check out the Skylar x Beachly giveaway on the Beachly Instagram and follow the steps to enter. Good luck, Beachly Tribe! 

That's a wrap on this week's Spring box behind the brand. We're so excited to have Skylar as a part of the Beachly Spring box! I have a feeling you're going to absolutely love the Salt Air Rollerball Fragrance and all the other goodies coming your way soon. Leave a comment down below and let us know if you'd like to see more Skylar in a future Beachly box! 

Pssst! Not a part of Beachly yet? It's not too late! Join the Tribe today to get in on the good vibes and all the sunshine you could ever dream of. Don't forget to enter the code SKYLAR for $30 off your first box. 

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