All about the Seabreeze Quilted Jacket | Behind the Brand with Amuse Society

The Seabreeze Quilted Jacket by Amuse Society in collaboration with Beachly

Aloha, sunshine lover! Rumor has it, this season the Beachly Tribe is loving the Sea Breeze Quilted Jacket by Amuse Society! Since the Winter box spoilers hit the 'gram, we have been hearing how excited you all are to get your hands on this piece! We don't blame you, we love it too. Our friends over at Amuse Society brought us this special piece with coastal-mornings at the top of mind and it fits the theme perfectly. 

Don't worry, we know some of you loved the Bondi Beach Blanket that you chose over the jacket (these goodies were customizable!) but we figured we would give the jacket it's time to shine and tell you all about the brand and the making of the jacket. 

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Lets learn a little bit about our friends over at Amuse Society to kick us off, shall we? Inspired by the artistic aspect of traveling and the beauty of all that is on a beach, Amuse Society is perfect for anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and believe that the best moments always come spontaneously!

Amuse Society

Whether you like to spend long hours at the beach waiting for the sunset, at the local, old vinyl record store or even on the sidewalks of the city looking for the best coffee shop in town, Amuse Society perfectly blends bohemian looks with rock-and-roll inspiration.

Each piece of Amuse clothing displays a bold and daring inspiration, a bohemian, urban and even vintage look. In addition to promoting a lifestyle we all love and dream of, Amuse Society’s clothes are conceived to release the spontaneity that hides in every woman of the world.

They sound amazing, right!? We can't get enough of their culture and surfy, street vibe! Now, let me tell you all my favorite places I have been rockin' my Sea Breeze Quilted Jacket. It has been turning heads and it is the perfect piece for Winter-time activities!

Amuse Society Jacket

Coffee Walks on the Coast

Nothing like waking up in the morning, heading to your favorite seaside coffee-shop, and taking a nice stroll along the shores in style! Not only is this perfect for those breezy coastal mornings, but you'll have the more adorable palm-embroidered details to truly blend into the locals.

Evening Pier-side Stroll 

Not much of a morning person? How about an evening stroll on a pier or in your favorite side of town? The sunsets with pink and golden rays, seeing the pier light-up and maybe even bringing along some hot chocolate for the stroll, you'll be soaking up all the coastal vibes and styled perfectly. 

The Amuse Society Winter Feature 

The Sea Breeze Quilted Jacket | $129 retail value

Sea Breeze Quilted Jacket

Details - Ohhh this is a good one!  You’ve probably seen a high end version of this oh-so-popular quilted jacket around, but never before quite so beachy!  With the PERFECT lightweight feel, gorgeous indigo blue color and embroidered palm detail, this one of a kind item will be the perfect reminder of days spent by the coast as we head into colder days.

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Phew! Don't you just love this piece as much as we do? It's perfectly coastal, in-style, and the perfect addition to your Winter plans! Be sure to grab your own Winter box today if you're not part of the Good Vibe Tribe already and use code WINTER30 at checkout for $30 off your first box! Until next time, Beachly Tribe!