Beachly Tips: Beach-Ready workouts to get you ready for Summer!

Beachly Tips: Beach-Ready workouts to get you ready for Summer!

It's that time of year, Beachly Tribe! Sunshine, summertime, and beach days are on the horizon. To get ready for our favorite time of year and feel confident in our own skin, I'm sharing some of my favorite beach-ready workouts. These fun exercises help to make my body feel healthy, strong, and ready for Summer. Are you ready to get your body moving?

Pssst - did you know that every body is a beach body!? All you have to do to have a bikini body is put a bikini on your body. These workouts simply help me to feel confident, strong, and excited to throw my favorite swimwear on for the Summer!

HIIT Workout

Years ago I stumbled upon the workout guide that took social media by storm - The Bikini Body Guide (aka BBG) by Kayla Itsines. These quick 28 minute workouts are bodyweight, plyometrics, and strength-building focused. They help to tone and tighten in less than 30 minutes. BBG has now evolved into an entire fitness app called Sweat. These quick workouts are effective and fun. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Yoga Flow

I love a good yoga flow to get my day started or wind down before bed. My favorite yoga resource is on the FitOn app. You can find all different levels, styles, and flow times. And who doesn't love being able to do yoga from anywhere? All you need is your phone and a mat and you're all set! Yoga helps to evolve my body and mind - ahhh, I feel relaxed and in Summer mode just thinking about it. 

P.S. The FitOn app has tons of other workout styles to choose from! Pilates, strength training, core-focused - you name it. Check it out and let me know what you think! A few of us here at the Beachly HQ use it and love it! 

Fresh Air Fitness

Not in the mood to be on your phone or tied down to a set regimen? All you need is some fresh air to get groovin' on your fitness routine. Plug in your headhphones or go truly rogue with the sounds of nature - head outside into the sunshine for a brisk walk, jog, or run. It's up to you, beach lover! If you're lucky enough to live near the coast, a beach walk is my personal favorite. Breathe in that fresh air and move your body - you'll be feeling rejuvenated and ready for beach season in no time! 

Check out these 5 benefits that come from taking a walk every day for a little extra motivation and inspiration!

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