Beachly Travel: Our 2021 Wanderlust Bucket List

Beachly Travel 2021 Wanderlust Bucket List

It seems like a lifetime ago that millions of us were traveling across the world every day. Visiting foreign countries, traveling to see friends, and going on those bucket list once in a lifetime trips. Is it weird to say I miss the hustle and bustle, semi-chaotic energy of an airport terminal? At this point... I might even miss waiting in line at security! 

If traveling on a plane still feels like a far off daydream for you these days, I have something to spark some of that wanderlust energy in you. It's the Beachly 2021 Wanderlust Bucket List! I think you're going to love this one... it's a little different which makes it extra special. Enjoy! 

P.S. I highly recommend waiting until your Spring box arrives to embark on your next adventure! This box has a few essentials I think you'll need to enjoy a bright, breezy getaway in the sunshine.

Staycation Destination

Wherever you live, I bet there's something new and exciting to do that you haven't done before. So grab a friend or do this one solo - treat yourself to a fun little staycation close to home. It's the best way to get a fresh perspective and fall back in love with your little nook of the world. 

Tips - Plan a weekend of new activities at your staycation destination, pack a bag of your favorite outfits and book a hotel room or cool local AirBnB, and try something new (maybe it's as simple as a new coffee shop or restaurant or you can try out a new mode of transportation and rent a bike for a day!).

And don't forget to fit time in for a little R&R - that's what vacations are about after-all, even if it's a staycation. Unplugging from the digital world never hurt, either! Your staycation is the perfect place to dive into a new book or start that journal you've been putting off. Here's one of my self-care favorites for a relaxing night in.

Weekend Roadtrip

These days, taking a road trip sounds more ideal and adventurous than ever before! Over the summer I went on a road trip with one of my best gals up the coast of California and it was everything I needed and more. Regardless of where you live, you can find a fun weekend road trip route to take. You can explore new sceneries, spend some quality time with a loved one, and enjoy the ride! 

Check out this list of the 55 best road trips to take in the United States. I'm already making note of some I want to try out this Spring! 

P.S. Want some new road trip goodies to bring along with you? Check out this Island Haus Co. "On Island Time" tote and the very essential Beachly Sani-Pack. You can thank me later! 

Visit a National Park

A little fresh air and beautiful views never hurt! Did you know the United States has 63 national parks? What better time to get outdoors as chilly Winter days start to fade away and the warmth of Springtime comes our way!? Grab your Spring box, throw on your bright and breezy Beachly outfit, and hit the road to visit a national park. 

Some of my personal favorite National Parks are Yosemite, Glacier, and Yellowstone. Do you have any faves? Leave a comment down below and let us know!

Get Creative

Some more fun ways to feel the adventurous, wanderlust vibes this Spring are to go on a local hike, visit a museum, go stargazing, or cook an authentic meal from a foreign country you want to visit. Like many of you, I'm counting down the days until I can book a trip and get on a plane again! But for now... this is our 2021 Wanderlust Bucket List. Hope you enjoy! 

Snap some pics along the way and upload using #beachlytribe for the chance to be featured on our Instagram! We can't wait to see all of your wnderlust-filled adventures this Spring.