3 Sustainable Beauty Products | Beachly

3 Sustainable Beauty Products | Beachly

Beachly Beauty: Sustainable Beauty Products

Are you a Beachly Babe that LOVES beauty just as much as we do? From beachy skincare to sun-kissed makeup - we’ve got you covered with our brand new launch of Beachly Beauty! It's the simple way to fill your beauty counter with clean, cruelty-free, beach-inspired beauty. 

With all the excitement around the official launch Beachly Beauty, I wanted to bring the Good Vibe Tribe some tips and tricks on how to keep your beauty routine sustainable and eco-friendly. We're taking sustainability straight into your bathroom! Small changes make for big differences. Are you ready to make a change?

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Whether you’re using a cotton makeup remover pad to take off your makeup or put on your skincare, there’s definitely ways to be more sustainable! As a daily part of your beauty routine, using single-use cotton makeup remover pads is wasteful and has a negative impact on the environment. A simple way to be more sustainable is investing in some reusable makeup remover pads!

Sustainable Soaps

There are so many reasons why we should use eco-friendly soaps that are free of synthetic chemicals. When you opt for a safer and more environmentally friendly soap, you're leaving a positive impact on both your personal health and the environment. Check out these 3 reasons why you should go for an eco-friendly, sustainable soap: 

  • Ditch the bottle - Single-use plastic is one of the most detrimental environmental issues we currently face. And for all the ocean lovers - did you know that scientists estimate by 2050 there will be one piece of plastic for every fish in the sea? When you go for an eco-friendly soap, they typically come in bar form and are sins-plastic. 
  • Save the sea - Did you know toxic soaps that are filled with chemicals end up in our lakes, rivers, and oceans? When synthetic-based chemicals from non-eco-friendly soaps get washed down the drain, the oxygen levels in the water drop which results in harm to marine life. 
  • Your skin will thank you - Do you love the skin you're in? Then you need to treat it that way. Using harsh, chemical-filled soaps can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and rashes. Eco-friendly soaps are perfect for the sensitive skin babes and all the gals that want to protect the skin they're in. 

Vegan Deodorant

Did you know making the switch to vegan deodorant has huge benefits for both your skin and the environment? It's the best way to feel fresh while protecting your skin and the environment. Plus - vegan deodorants are aluminum-free making them the best alternative to commonly-used antiperspirants. Check out these 3 benefits of making the switch to a vegan, all-natural deodorant: 

  • Save your skin and the environment - Vegan deodorants lack the harsh and toxic chemicals found in aluminum-based antiperspirants. Their formulas also tend to be infused with natural, organic ingredients to soothe the skin and provide a fresh feel. Vegan deodorants also tend to have sustainably sourced ingredients with the environment at top-of-mind. 
  • Say goodbye to yellow stains - Do you have a white tee (or tees!) that you've had to throw away because of yellow marks and stains? The solution for you is vegan deodorant! The mix of sweat and aluminum leaves that yellow color on fabric. So go aluminum-free and save your tees!
  • Smell and feel fresh - Did you know vegan deodorants block more odor than antiperspirants? Aluminum is great for blocking sweat - but not the solution for minimizing odor. So keep your underarms smelling fresh and the ingredients clean with a natural, chemical-free deodorant. 

Start a Sustainable Beauty Routine with Beachly Beauty

Loving the idea of clean, cruelty-free, and sustainable beauty? Jumpstart your sustainable beauty routine with the help of Beachly's Beauty Subscription Box today. Sign up here!