There’s nothing better than looking forward to something super tasty to eat for lunch. Bonus points if it’s healthy! Today I am breaking down a few lunch recipes we are loving lately. These yummy dishes remind us that we really can make the most of our lunches, instead of just reaching for the same old thing over and over again. Best of all, they are meals you can prepare in advance and have ready to go on a busy day. Keep reading to get the recipes below!

#1. SPAGHETTI SQUASH PAD THAI - I love a hearty bowl of pad Thai but eating all those noodles all the time is not the healthiest move. Sub in some spaghetti squash and we have ourselves a winner. You get that same satisfying taste of pad Thai without all the carbs. Might I just say, ‘more please’.

#2. MEDITERRANEAN MEATBALLS WITH DILL YOGURT SAUCE - These meatballs are packed with flavor and super easy to make. You can easily prepare these in advance and freeze them until you’re ready to pack them for lunch. With the added fresh mint, lemon, and oregano, this dish seriously bursts with some amazing flavor!

#3. ASIAN SALMON SALAD - Salmon is a well-known food powerhouse, bringing flavor and lots of health benefits to the table. Toss it into a colorful salad for a nutrient-packed lunch and you are going to love how good it makes you feel. And if you aren’t into the fishy protein source, you can always sub in a block of tofu or tempeh. 

#4. SHRIMP GREEN GODDESS GRAIN BOWLS - If you are looking for a light, refreshing dish that you can seriously pack in the greens, try making this. Bowls are one of my favorite dishes to bring into the office and they are so easy to take on the go too. Now if only I had somewhere to be. :)