Here at Beachly, we love an early morning! There's something about getting your day started in a calm, serene way. The way you start your day sets the tone for the day - and you know what our favorite saying is... Good Vibes ALWAYS! Here's a few simple changes you can make to get your day started just a tad bit earlier than usual.

1 -- It starts the night before. Did you know you set the tone for the next day by how you end your current evening? Late nights spent binge watching Netflix and snacking on your favorite guilty pleasure are okay every now and then. But making it a part of your evening routine can start to take a toll on your mornings. Make an effort to turn off the tech and end your night 30 minutes earlier than usual. Wind down with a cup of tea (good for digestion!) and a nice read before hitting the sheets.

2 -- Set the tone (or should we say tune!). Want to know the best way to start your day? Good vibes. How do you get the good vibes going early in the morning? It's simple! Open your windows and blinds for some fresh air and morning sun, turn on your favorite tunes, and get the good vibes going to set the tone for the day!

3 -- Have a morning routine you love. Whether you love a good workout or a delicious cup of coffee and some breakfast to start your day, it's important to have a morning routine you love. Something to look forward to and get you up and out of bed! Here's some simple ideas you can try to elevate your morning mood...

  • Skin care: Find a 3-5 step skincare routine you love. And take your time to nourish your skin as you start your day!
  • Breakfast: Love breakfast? Set aside an extra 20 minutes to cook something nutritious and delicious.
  • Movement: There's nothing like a good morning stretch. Whether it's a 5 minute walk around the block, quick yoga flow, or a full workout to get your day started.¬†

Let us know how you start your day in the comments!