Beachly Tips: Enjoy a Light and Bright Thanksgiving


It’s my favorite time of year - the holidays! Now I don’t know about you… but I’m definitely beyond ready to soak up all the feel-good, holiday vibes this season. Even though this year might not be exactly what we had all hoped for, there’s still so much to be thankful for and to enjoy. So let’s keep those good vibes going and find creative ways to enjoy this Thanksgiving - even if we’d rather be lounging on a warm, sunny beach somewhere ;) 

Pssst… to brighten up your Thanksgiving, we’re doing a giveaway on our Instagram. All you have to do is follow the Beachly account, like the post, comment what you’re thankful for, and tag a friend. Now let’s get into a few of my tips to brighten up your holiday even more! 

Tip #1: My first go-to tip for creating a light and bright Thanksgiving is to set the tone through the setting! I splurged on a few new items - twinkle lights, candles, and some feel-good decor to brighten up my space. There’s truly nothing like sprucing up your interior decor to bring holiday cheer and get you in the spirit. Do you have any interior decor tips for the holiday season? Drop your answer in the comments! 

Tip #2: After setting the tone indoors, I love to get outdoors to soak up some fresh air and sunshine (if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with good weather this time of year!). This Thanksgiving, I’ll be starting off my day with a simple mindfulness yoga flow and definitely taking a nice, long walk post-meal. It’s a great way to take a moment and reflect on all the little things in your life that you can be thankful for - getting into the true Thanksgiving spirit!

Tip #3Now for the real good holiday stuff - I’m talking about food and family! Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy a warm, delicious meal and spend special moments with the ones you love. With our current circumstances, many of us can’t physically be with friends and family - but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on making memories together! Shout out to Zoom and all things virtual to keep us connected no matter where in the world we are. Here’s one of my favorite virtual hangouts - HouseParty. Not only does it connect you with a loved one, but you can play some fun games, too!

Tip #4: I mentioned food in my previous tip but didn’t fully dive into all the goodness that a Thanksgiving meal truly is! One of my go-to tips for savoring all the delicious bites throughout the day is to try to eat from light to heavy. It might sound complicated, but really it’s so simple. And with all the treats the holidays bring, this trick keeps me bikini-ready all year long! All you have to do is eat the lightest, freshest thing on your plate before diving into the rich, savory indulgences (yes - I’m talking mashed potatoes, gravy, and pie!). A few bites of veggies or some fresh fruit to snack on as I’m cooking keeps me from eating all the cookies and treats in sight!

Happy Thanksgiving, Beachly Tribe! I sure am thankful for each and every one of you :) Wishing you a light and bright holiday season!

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