Sunburn Skin Care Tips | Beachly

Sunburn Skin Care Tips | Beachly

Summer Sunburn Skin Care Tips

Summertime brings warmer weather, longer days, and quite a few more hours spent in the sun. Protecting your skin from harsh sun rays and long-term damage is important all year long, but especially during the Summer months. Us beach lovers can all agree, nothing ruins a beach day like a bad sunburn! That's why I'm bringing you all of my go-to sunburn prevention and treatment tips and tricks.

Sunburn Prevention Tips

One of the best sunburn 101 tips I have to offer is to be preventative! A little Vitamin D never hurt anyone - as a matter of fact, soaking up some bright sun rays is good for your skin, health, and overall wellbeing. But these few tips and tricks can help you to be preventative and avoid a bad burn.

  • Avoid the sun during peak hours - Peak hours are around 10am-4pm but vary by location. A great way to get your sun-rays in is an early morning walk before the peak hours roll around. And if you're not an early riser, you can always take an evening stroll at sunset for a breath of fresh air and a lighter dose of sunshine.
  • Use SPF 30+ sunscreen - Here at Beachly we're all about sunscreen. Did you know this season's Beachly box has an SPF 30 sunscreen in it? It's by our local San Diego friends over at Sun Bum! When applying sunscreen don't forget that it takes time for it to absorb, so make sure to always use broad spectrum sunscreen and reapply throughout the day if you'll be outdoors for an extended period of time.
  • Choose the right sunscreen for you - Swimming all day? Use a water resistant sunscreen! Prefer some skin care mixed in with your sun care? You can try out Beachly Beauty where we partner up with sun-loving skin care brands like COOLA, Salt & Stone, and Sun Bum. 
  • Go beyond sunscreen - Some other go-to ways to protect your skin from sun damage are to wear clothing that helps block the sun, throw on a baseball hat, grab your favorite pair of sunglasses, and even look into UPF protective clothing. 
  • Reapply, reapply, reapply! - Did you know you should be reapplying your sunscreen every 1-2 hours? This depends on the activity being enjoyed - for example, if water is involved! But it's still important to keep reapplying your sun block throughout the day. 
  • Don't forget to focus on these areas - It's so important to pay attention to your most vulnerable areas such as your head, neck, ears and nose. All of these areas are very vulnerable and should have some extra love and attention when taking preventative measures. 

It might seem like a lot to remember - but the more you practice these preventative sunburn tips and tricks, the easier it will become. And you can make it fun too with some sun-preventative accessories! 

Tips For Treating a Sunburn

We've all had days where we soaked up a little more sunshine than we had anticipated... and we end up with a real bad sunburn. If you happen to get a bad sunburn, I pulled together some of these top tips for you. Of course, it's important to do our best to prevent sunburns for skin damage, aging, and other health reasons - but we've all been there before! 

  • Cool the skin down - Post-sunburn skin care is so important! You can use a cold compress or take a cold shower to try to soothe the skin. And try to avoid taking a hot shower with freshly sunburnt skin - ouch!
  • Moisturize and hydrate - Nourishing your skin post-sunburn will help your skin to heal and prevent peeling. Try an after-sun moisturizer to keep your skin feeling hydrated after soaking up the sun all day long. 
  • Use aloe vera - A little aloe vera always does the trick too! Freshly cut aloe vera is my personal favorite. Using it to soothe your skin after a sunburn can help speed up healing and soothe the burning.
  • Stay hydrated - If you've been a part of the Beachly Tribe for a while, then you know hydration is one of my top tips for everything! Drinking water can help keep you from dehydrating after some harsh sun rays all day long. Sip away, Beachly Babes!
  • Do not pop blisters - I know what you're thinking - yuck! But sunburn blisters can cause infection. If your burn is really bad, you can apply gauze to keep the blisters covered. 
  • Avoid fragrant soaps and moisturizers - We all love scented soaps and moisturizers - a fresh coconut aroma transports me straight to my favorite island paradise. But when your skin is sunburnt, scented soaps and moisturizers can cause unnecessary irritation.

    Let Beachly Help You With Summer Skin Care

    As we enter these extra warm and sunny Summer months, let's do our best to keep our skin protected and be preventative about sun damage and sunburns. Here at Beachly, we love the sun - but we're all about sun care and skin care too.

    This Summer, you can treat yourself to the Beachly Beauty box which is filled with 4-6 clean, cruelty-free, beach-inspired beauty products. We'll send you skin care, sun care, and a few fun splashes of color to keep you feeling glowy and sun-kissed all Summer long.