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Self Sustainable Living Ideas | Beachly

Self Sustainable Living Ideas
Hello Beachly Tribe! If there’s at least one positive in all that’s going on right now… it’s that Mother Nature is taking a breather. Less cars on the road, planes in the sky, and overall pollution in the air. So while the world we live in is getting a breath of fresh air, we can try to do our part too by changing some simple habits! Check out this list on some fun, easy sustainability tips I pulled together for you :)

TIP 1: Switch to Reusable Water Bottles + Coffee Mugs

This might be one of the easiest sustainable habits to take on! And it S A V E S you money too! Buying water bottles is bad for the environment, and even worse when the bottles aren’t properly recycled. There are so many cool, stylish brands that have reusable water bottles and coffee mugs to choose from. And they’re even better than plastic and paper because your drinks can stay extra hot or super cold. Check out some of my favorites from S’well, Stojo, Yeti, and Hydroflask:


Reusable Cups

TIP 2: Simplify your Shopping

Well… We’ve all survived the great grocery clear out of 2020! When panic struck, everyone ran to the stores and wiped the shelves clean. Maybe your grocery store is restocked and back to normal now, or maybe it still has some empty shelves. But how much of the food that was hoarded is actually going to be eaten? 80 BILLION pounds of food is thrown away each year in the United States. If we all do our part to simplify our shopping and only buy what we need, we can be a part in cutting back on food waste and making the world we live in a little bit better.

TIP 3: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

A lot of grocery stores have changed their policies on reusable bags over the last couple of weeks for health and cleanliness precautions. So we’re all taking home plastic bags, paper bags, all the bags! A simple way to do your part in reduce, reuse, recycle is using these bags as bathroom trash can liners. Double the use of one plastic bag reduces your overall waste and makes a difference!

TIP 4: Change up your Coffee

Similar to plastic bags and straws, single-use coffee pods can end up in the ocean. But did you know there are some sustainable ways to keep using your Nespresso or Keurig? All of your favorite K-cup brands and Nespresso pod flavors can be more sustainable with a reusable pod filter. All you have to do is order some reusable, refillable pods and a pack of your favorite coffee beans. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

TIP 5: Shop Local

Shopping local is fun and eco-friendly! Whether it’s at your local farmers market or if you choose to go thrifting for some vintage clothes, it makes a difference. All you have to do is check out your local farmers markets and thrift stores. You’re sure to have fun and enjoy yourself while doing it! So let’s make a difference together Beachly Babes.

Shop Local