favorite holiday movies to watch this christmas

Here at the Beachly HQ, we're in full blown holiday mode! We don't get to celebrate the holidays together this year (I'm sure you know why!) but that doesn't mean we couldn't spread a little bit of cheer and get the good vibes going on the Beachly Team. So I did a fun little project and asked a few Beachly Team Members from Marketing to share their favorite holiday movies! Here's the round-up of the our favorite holiday films. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Holiday Films

Beachly VP of Growth Marketing - Eric

"My favorite holiday movie is Home Alone. Home Alone is my favorite holiday movie because as a kid the slapstick stuff made me laugh, and even now as an adult it cracks me up. And it even has a good lesson about the grass always being greener on the other side, a timeless classic!!"

My favorite line is when Kevin is going through all of Buzz's stuff and woofs at the picture of his girlfriend.

 Beachly Content Market Manager - Madeline

"I'm a sucker for all the classics - Elf, the Grinch, Deck the Halls, and my all-time favorite... Christmas with the Kranks! It's such a feel-good, belly laugh kinda watch. Have you ever seen it? Tim Allen in holiday films is a nostalgic favorite of mine. From the Santa Claus movies to Christmas with the Kranks. It's the best way to get in the festive spirit."

My favorite parts of the movie? Free Frosty and the tanning salon scenes pre-holiday cruise. I highly suggest giving it a watch if you haven't yet!

Beachly Community Marketing Coordinator - Elise

"No one else said it, so I have to! ELF - need I say more? This is the ultimate holiday watch - from the New York City festive feels during the holidays to the humor and Will Ferrell as an elf. This movie is at the top of everyone's list I know. It's the best family-friendly watch to get you in the holiday spirit. Absolutely love!"

My favorite part of the movie...the "Santa's coming! I know Santa!" scene in the mall. I could rewatch this clip endlessly and laugh just as hard every time.

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Christmas Vacation - A Christmas Story - Deck the Halls - A Very Murray Christmas - The Grinch - Four Christmases 

What are your favorite holiday movies? Leave a comment down below and let us know!