Many of us have all been thrown for a loop these past few weeks and have suddenly found ourselves working from our kitchen table, couch, bed - you name it! With this being such a sudden, unexpected change that we may not have had the chance to prepare for, it’s important to have some tips and tricks for staying productive. And let’s face it - working from home isn’t quite as glamorous as it might seem to be. But we’re all in this together Beachly Babes! So let’s keep killing it on the workforce and spike our productivity levels :)



TIP 1: Morning Routines

Do you have a morning routine? If you don’t… it’s definitely something to consider! Morning routines create stability and consistency - it truly is the best way to start the day. Everyone’s morning routine that works for them will be different. Maybe you love squeezing in a workout before sitting down to start working or you might prefer a slower, more zen morning to ease into the day. No matter what works for you, it’s still important to have a routine to stick to! Here’s some tips I love to stick by: Light - Water - Movement. AKA, open your blinds, hydrate, and move your body - even if it means a simple morning stretch or 15 minute yoga flow. We’ve got this!

TIP 2: Get Ready for the Day

Hopefully we’re all sticking to the basics of every day hygiene ;) So let’s take it a step further and try to put some minimal effort into getting ready for the day. Whether that means you put your hair into a simple braid or do a full blowout! You do you Beachly Babe! Even changing from our pajamas into some comfy athleisure makes a difference. And a little bit of makeup or a spritz of perfume can be just what you need to feel more put together and ready to take on the day :)

TIP 3: Create a Workspace

Currently… my kitchen table is my new office! But it gets me out of my room, off of the couch, and into a work-mode zone. So finding that designated space where you can focus on work every day makes a huge difference in productivity! And keeping it organized and structured so your brain and body recognize it as your new office is important too.

TIP 4: Take a Break

Don’t be afraid to get up for 5 minutes to take a breather. Whether it means going to make yourself a fresh cup of tea or stepping outside for a moment of peace. Just as it’s important to take breaks and pace yourself at the office, the same holds true when working from home! A classic rule to go by is 90-10. Do a 90 minute work sprint - meaning no interruptions, distractions, or breaks and then take a breather. Working harder and longer doesn’t always translate to working better. If your brain and body need a 10 minute break - take it! You’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to dive back in.

TIP 5: Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

When your office is at your kitchen table, it can be pretty easy to find your way back to your computer… checking emails, tweaking projects, you name it! Create set hours for yourself where you know you’ll be 100% committed to your work for the day and then log off when it’s time to wind-down and have quality time with your family, roommate, or yourself! If you’re used to working 8-9 hours a day and you find yourself putting in 12, you may find yourself burning out and actually becoming less productive.



Let’s face it Beachly Babes… working from home has its pros and cons. So let’s make the best of it together! If you miss your co-workers, set a Friday afternoon virtual happy hour. And if you’re finding yourself dropping in productivity or feeling mentally off, talk to a colleague or mentor. We’re truly all in this together! So don’t feel alone. You have the Good Vibe Tribe and your support system to lean on in times like this :)

If you have anymore productivity tips for working from home - comment down below to share with the Beachly Tribe!