If you're anything like me, you've been bit by the travel bug - the tropical travel bug to be specific! That's why I'm sharing another coastal destination for us to swoon over together. If we can't travel here now, why not satisfy those wanderlust dreams in the meantime? Let's dive in, babes!

For those that have been lucky enough to visit Cinque Terre - it truly is like heaven on earth. To sum it up, Cinque Terre is a handful of little Italian villages nestled up along the Mediterranean coastline. It's the perfect destination for the adventurous gals - you can hike from village to village (there's 5 in total!). But no worries to the ladies that like to relax while on vacay, they have a train system that's simple and easy to figure out, too!

The Five Villages

Corgniglia - Manarola - Monterosso al Mare - Riomaggiore - Vernazza
Cinque Terre

My favorites.. I couldn't just choose one - so I have two to share! Manarola and Monterosso al Mare. Manarola is the most romantic, picturesque village to visit. And Monterosso al Mare is a must-see because it has a sandy beach to take a swim and sunbathe for a few hours!

When to Visit

The internet may tell you the prime time to visit the Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre villages in Summer - aka May to August. But I'm here to say otherwise! Italy is one of those vacation destinations that overflows with tourists during the hot Summer months - key word hot. Not to mention, the quaint Cinque Terre villages become packed from wall to wall with other travelers during this time of year. So my recommendation on visiting this stunning corner of the world is pre or post peak season - aka mid-Spring or early-Fall (March-April or September-October). 

What to Do

From delicious foods, turquoise waters, colorful villages, and breathtaking views - the Cinque Terre is truly a gem destination to add to your list. You can hike through the villages or take a train, jump off cliffs (safely - of course!) into the Mediterranean Sea, stroll through historic, vibrant streets, and eat all the Italian bites you could ever imagine. This is the perfect getaway for a couple, solo-traveler, or girls trip!