BEACHLY WELLNESS: Working on our Fitness!

BEACHLY WELLNESS: Working on our Fitness!
Here at Beachly, we’re working on our fitness a little differently than normal… from home! We’ve had to get a bit more creative than usual and it’s been fun and challenging all at once. Why not share some of our favorite at-home workout tips with our Good Vibe Tribe? It’s good for our mental health, overall wellness, and most importantly - it can be fun! So grab your roomate, your kid, or even your pup and let’s stay active together! And don’t forget… EVERY BODY is a BEACH BODY 👙




The internet is filled with tons and tons of content. So much content, we would never have enough time in our lifetimes to consume all of it. And you know what that means.. if there’s something you’re searching for, there’s a platform that has it. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, there are tons of yoga resources to check out. One of our favorites - Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. She offers all levels of yoga and has an eclectic collection of flows to choose from. We could all use a little more zen, am I right Beachly Babe!?


From Pinterest to Instagram, Youtube and everything in-between - if there’s a will, there’s a way to exercise! All of these platforms have tons of resources, tutorials, and guides to browse from when looking for body-weight exercises. A fun resource to check out is MadFit on Youtube. She creates quick (super-quick!) workouts and choreographs them to some of our favorite songs. And some of her workouts are less than 5 minutes! There’s no excuse not to try!


And sometimes, we’ve simply had enough technology for the day and our body / minds are begging for a break. Even if it means stepping outside and taking a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood. You can plug in your headphones and listen to a podcast or keep it silent and listen to the birds chirping. Fresh air is VITAL for our well-being and happiness. Any movement, is good movement!



P.S. Would you be interested if we hosted a live yoga or meditation class on Instagram or Facebook? If you would, comment down below!