Behind the Brand: Meet Logan Tay

Beachly Behind the Brand Meet Logan Tay

Hey there, Beachly Tribe! Have you heard the news? Summer boxes are now shipping and this week we're kicking off our first giveaway for the season with Logan Tay on Friday, June 18. Logan Tay designed the Beachly exclusive Shell Yeah Bracelet - it's the perfect pop of coastal, so dainty, and just the right amount of beach. Click here if you want to learn more about the Shell Yeah Bracelet! 

With that, I am beyond excited to introduce you to our friends over at Logan Tay. They're a small, female-founded brand based out of Florida. Their jewelry designs are whimsical, coastally-inspired, and designed with female empowerment in mind.

About the Logan Tay Brand

Logan Tay was founded in 2017 by the whimsical, beach-loving babe - Logan Poos. As a fun and bold creator, Logan Tay has designed an extensive jewelry brand designed for the sun seeking gal. Her pieces offer a youthful, feminine feel for women of all ages. 

Meet Logan Tay

The Logan Tay Summer box feature is the Shell Yeah Bracelet - it's exclusive to Beachly and adds the perfect pop of coastal vibes for the bold beach lover. The Shell Yeah bracelet is the perfect seaside arm candy with a gold accent, fun wrap-around shell design, and self-adjuster to ensure the perfect fit. 

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A Message from Logan Poos - Founder of Logan Tay

"This journey bloomed out of a desire to create meaning out of my life and grow as a woman. Creating this has been magical. But watching it come to life has been my greatest joy.

When I was in college I started my first company, Lo Tide jewelry. It was a perfect reflection of where I was in life. Fun, beachy, whimsical, bold, and youthful. I spent winters on the North Shore of Oahu and surfed wherever I was in the world. I will always continue that line because it's where my roots lie but it isn't necessarily the full picture anymore. I've realized that Lo Tide was simply one line in the picture of Logan Tay. I think girls start making a fundamental transition in their early twenties. It's important to keep my inner kid alive, but I'm eagerly exploring my path to womanhood. Life is less about play and more about the future. Less about myself and more about empowering others. Instead of the ocean representing my play ground, it represent my escape. It's where I'm able to see my growth. The ocean never stays the same and I won't either. 

Logan Tay represents a lifestyle, a joy, a passion, a happiness. My inspiration comes from the women who wear my pieces. It's what binds us together. A life full of adventure, young or old. It's in the sea, on land, and in the clouds. It's wherever I am and wherever you are. My hope is that every piece brings love, passion, and pure happiness to all of you."

Xx Logan Tay

Loving all things Logan Tay? I know I sure am! You can check out all that Logan Tay has to offer and stack up your seaside arm candy with her fun, whimsical jewerly pieces this Summer. Use code LTBEACHLY20 to get 20% off your order. Shop Logan Tay here. Enjoy :)