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10 beach movies to warm up your winter

Alohaaa, sunshine lovers! Have you been missing longer days and warmer weather lately? I know, I know - the holiday season brings a lot of fun festivities, good vibes, and cheer! But I still miss having my toes in the warm sand and basking in the sunshine beach-side all day long. With these shorter days and cooler temperatures, I think it's officially stay inside and cozy-up season. Which means it's the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a good movie.

Knowing you and I share a common love for all things beach, I gathered a list of the best beach movies for you to enjoy this Winter. You can get your coastal fix from the comfort of your own home and get the good vibes going with your new Winter box goodies too! So grab your Pierside Pillow, throw on your Twin Palms Cardigan and Island Time Slippers, and light your Coconut Sands Shell candle to enjoy the perfect, cozy movie night in! 

The Beachly Winter Box

 1. Blue Crush - This is one of my all-time favorite beach movies. Featuring surfer girls and Hawaiian scenery, what’s not to love? If we can't be in the islands during these colder months, we can at least day dream about them while enjoying this classic movie. Warm ocean, good waves. Sounds like paradise! It may be a bit cliche but really how can we not feature this on our list. 

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - With warm ocean and tropical vibes on the mind, here is another movie that I love to watch when I'm missing Summer days. The next time the clouds roll in and you start to feel some Wintery blues, give this movie a go. This romantic comedy will lift your spirits and get you in that giggly mood (a glass of red wine helps too!).

3. The Beach - Throwing it back to Leo's younger years, this classic is a must see beach movie. Feast your eyes on beautiful landscapes and beautiful babes. Just be prepared for a little suspense along the way. Spoiler alert, Leo reminds us that just because it's paradise, it isn't always a perfect place. 

4. Finding Nemo - Have little babes at home? I bet this is one of their favorite Beach movies too! What’s not to love with this kid friendly flick? I’ll admit that all those cute fish and silly sharks put a smile on my face - even when I’ve watched them on repeat for weeks! 

5. 50 First Dates - Ready for another beachy romantic comedy? Classic Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore stole our hearts all the way back in 2004. How can we forget this sweet story in paradise. Haven’t seen it? Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you. Just make sure to put it to the top of your list this season!

6. Cast Away- Okay maybe this isn’t quite the uplifting, good vibes kinda movie you are daydreaming for. But nonetheless, this movie deserves a spot on the list. It certainly get’s me thinking about how in the world would I ever be able to survive if I was stuck on an island. Perhaps I could still get my Beachly boxes mailed to me every season? A girl can only dream!

7. Surf's Up - Another double whammy, this movie is fun for the whole family. Those penguins know how to work up a great laugh! Plus the fun waves get me daydreaming about surfing and laying out in the sunshine alongside my Good Vibe Tribe. 

8. Gidget - Speaking of surfing, have you seen this one yet? Gidget is a total surfer girl classic. I may even need to name my future daughter Gidget just to bring it back. This is definitely a fun beach movie to watch as it gives us a glimpse of what beach lifestyle was like in Malibu back in the 50’s. 

9. The Endless Summer - Speaking of old school, I hope you have at least heard of this movie. It is the epitome of beach movies - following surfers chase endless waves and endless summer. I love to throw this movie on in the background and let it take my mind on an adventure around the world.

10. Into the Blue - Last but certainly not least, this one goes out to Paul Walker himself. We all must remember his character and Jessica Alba's in this picturesque movie taken place primarily under the sea. I certainly wanted to become a free diver / treasure hunter after this movie. Did you? If you find some treasure I hope you’ll be kind enough to to share the good vibes around!

And that’s a wrap on my favorite 10 movies to get the good vibes going this Winter, Beachly Babes! Do you have a favorite from this list or one I forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below! And don't forget, you can grab all of your Winter box goodies to really set the tone of beachy vibes to get rid of those Winter blues. Grab yours here if you haven't yet!

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