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Beachly Back to School Checklist

Aloha, sunshine lover! Can you believe we're already in August? It feels like just yesterday we were showing off the new Summer box, planning seaside vacations, and looking forward to the endless Summer ahead. Once August comes around, it seems that back to school is all anyone is talking about. New outfits, supplies, moving out, or helping those we love move out - it's all so much to keep track of! 

Luckily, I'm here to not only share my back to school checklist to be sure you're starting off on the right foot, but also encourage you to keep carrying those Summertime vibes with you as long as you can. What do you say!? Let's dive right in. 

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As I am sure we all know, back to school season means earlier mornings, starting a new routine, or maybe even helping those we love settle into a new routine! This calls for some extra energy and longing for those days you could sleep in and spend the day relaxing by the sea. Either way, I know I was never able to survive without a big cup of coffee... or two! 

Luckily, I have the perfect, and cutest, way to be sure you are able to get your caffeine fix in while also bringing those seaside vibes with you everywhere you go. My go-to coffee mugs this Summer have been from our friends over at Sundream Coffee! They bring the beachy vibes into your everyday routine and now you can get your hands on them yourself in the Beachly Member Market! We currently have the Rise & Shine Camp Mug as well as the Good Vibes Tumbler - both equally as adorable and effective. Be sure to grab yours while you can! 

Sundream Coffee

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Personally, I love a fresh start. A new school year is the perfect excuse to reinvent yourself, try a new style, new routine, or my go-to... a new scent! One of my favorite things was to get a new perfume or body mist for the school year - out with the old and in with the new!

Lately, I have been loving the Salt Air Fragrance from our friends over at Skylar! It's clean, beachy, and transports me to those days spent laying on the sand listening to the crashing waves. Be sure to grab yours from the Beachly Member Market while you can, they're almost sold out!

Now, this last one is probably my favorite and the most effective - it keeps you ready for the entire school year! Are you ever feeling like you need a little wardrobe refresh but having to GO shopping is just too much to handle? Trust me, me too!

Luckily the Beachly Women's Box takes away the 'shopping-scaries' and delivers seaside inspired apparel, beauty, and accessories directly to you every season so you will be looking beachy and stylish all year long. The Beachly Summer box is the perfect addition to back to school season! It has a lightweight tee, the perfect hair scrunchie to be sure you're looking fashionable while getting to business, and all the other coastal goodies you need to stay in the Summertime state of mind! 

Beachly Summer Box

Be sure to use code SUMMER30 at checkout and you'll get $30 off your first box Beachly women's box! While you're at it, you can check out Beachly Beauty too where you'll get all the skincare and beauty items you need to stay refreshed all year. Use code BB10 to get your first Beachly Beauty box for only $19. 

Phew! That's all I have for you today, Beachly Tribe! Whether you're starting a new school year, helping someone start theirs, or simply already miss Summer before it's gone, all these tricks are perfect to carry the seaside vibes with you all year long. 

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