Celebrate Earth Day the Beachly Way!

Beachly Behind the Brand Meet Sand Straw

Hey there, Beachly Tribe! Brooke here to bring you all those good vibes you've been waiting for. In celebration of one of our favorite holidays here at Beachly, we're doing a giveaway with local San Diego company - Sand Straw. If you're an O.G. part of the Beachly Tribe - then I'd say you're definitely familiar! And if you're new to the Tribe, no worries. I'm here to share a few fun facts about the Sand Straw brand and all of the awesome things they're doing to honor this beautiful earth we live on. Want to learn more? Keep on reading!

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Sand Straw Brand Story

Sand Straw Products

Sand Straw is a La Jolla based company striving to save the ocean, beaches, and parks one straw at a time. The Sand Straw motto is that "Every straw makes a difference." As a local Southern California millennial start-up, we're huge supporters of Sand Straw and are excited to join them in combatting ocean-polluting plastics. 

Behind the Brand

Sand Straw was founded by La Jolla native, John Weil, in Summer of 2018 after a day spent at the beach. He noticed the amount of straws on the sand waiting to float out into the ocean which left a huge impact on him. With a drive to make a difference, John invested everything he had into what is now known as Sand Straw.

About the Products

Sand Straw was created with the philosophy that each straw and color would represent and support a specific type of sea animal - which makes their products so fun! They have packable straws, cool collapsible containers, and a whole lot more.

Want to be a part of Sand Straw? Treat yourself to some Sand Straw goodies today and use the code BEACHLY20 for 20% off. Their straw sets and collapsible bundles make the perfect gift for all ages! They're fun, functional, and serve a great purpose. 

Fun Fact

10% of all net profits from Sand Straw support sea animals.