Celebrating World Oceans Day with our friends at SeaTrees!

Beachly SeaTrees World Ocean's Day Partnership

Here at Beachly, we're all about the ocean - those aqua blues, salty waves, and the power that exists within it. We're big believers that the ocean gives so much to us and we're always doing our best to give back. Which is why we're sooo excited to announce our brand new partnership in celebration of World Oceans Day with our friends over at SeaTrees!

We're joining forces with SeaTrees to restore the ocean's forests one box at a time. With each new member that joins the Good Vibe Tribe, we're making a huge impact on our world, the environment, and the oceans that we all know and love.

Who is SeaTrees?

SeaTrees is a global non-profit working to regenerate coastal ecosystems, increase biodiversity, and create jobs in sustainable communities. On Earth Day this year, SeaTrees announced their first major milestone - the 1 Million SeaTrees planted + protected project! This project includes 125,000 square feet of kelp restoration in California. 

SeaTrees believes the ocean has superpowers and we can work with it to reverse climate change. In our partnership with SeaTrees, we're going to wipe out carbon footprints, restore kelp forests, and continue growing the ocean's forests one Beachly box at a time. 

Beachly SeaTrees Partnership

Did you know?

Sustaining kelp forests helps to support a diverse array of aquatic life. Kelp forests also fight against ocean acidification and help to sequester up to 20 times more carbon per acre than land forests. The kelp forests we are restoring in our partnership with SeaTrees provide a natural habitat and nutrition for over 700 species of algae, invertebrates, and fish. And fun fact - kelp has a speedy growth rate and can grow up to two feet per day! How cool is that!?

The Beachly x SeaTrees Partnership

In our partnership with SeaTrees, we're helping to protect biodiversity and fight against ocean acidification. With 90% of all carbon being dissolved in the ocean, we have to step up and create waves of change to sustain our oceans and the world as we know it. And as a part of the Beachly Tribe - you're a huge part of it!

Make Waves of Change - Give $25, Get $25

For every Beachly box purchased, we're donating profits to our friends at SeaTrees. When you invite a friend to come and join the Beachly Tribe, you're helping to grow, restore, and sustain Southern California kelp forests. Not to mention all the good vibes that come along with being a part of Beachly! 

Together, we can shape a better beach lifestyle for all by supporting ocean-positive causes and inspiring others to join in celebration of World Oceans Day!

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