Making an Impact with Heal the Bay!

Here at Beachly, we are all about the beach! Our love for the coasts is the common thread that has brought us together. And part of that love for the water and coastlines is doing everything we can to protect and nurture beaches and coasts across the globe. That's why we're partnered up with our friends, Heal the Bay!

As a member of Beachly, you're making a HUGE impact on keeping the coasts clean. We have a very exciting announcement to share with you... we've reached almost 10,000 pounds of trash removed this year. Without your support, we wouldn't have been able to do this in our partnership with Heal the Bay. Together, we're making a difference. 

Heal the Bay

The Ocean Gives. We Give Back.

Want to learn more about our partnership with Heal the Bay?

We're dedicated to helping protect the environment through every box we sell. Beachly donates proceeds from each of our boxes sold to Heal the Bay to help them continue their monthly beach clean-ups.

Want to learn more about Heal the Bay? 

Heal the Bay is L.A. County’s leading environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting local watersheds. The organization has a 35-year track record of using sound science and community engagement to keep our coastline clean, healthy and vibrant. The group conducts two beach cleanups per day on average. Heal the Bay also issues water quality grades for more than 500 beaches each week via the Beach Report Card with NowCast, provides weekly water quality grades for dozens of freshwater areas with the River Report Card, educates thousands of local schoolchildren each year and operates the award-winning Heal the Bay Aquarium. Visit to learn more!