Easy Ways To Help Save The Environment | Beachly

Easy Ways To Help Save The Environment | Beachly

Easy Ways to Help Save the Environment
We’re officially one month into the New Year! How are those resolutions holding up? If some of them have slowly slipped away, it’s never too late to start making changes. And why not make changes for the greater good? We’re talking the environment and world we live in. Check out these simple, small ways to make a meaningful, big impact! 
  1. Reusable Bags

    Tip: If you forget your reusable bags often, keep them under your seat in the car. That way you’ll never leave home without them and have no excuses when running errands! And if you really have to use plastic bags, you can recycle by using them again the next time you shop or lining a small trash can with it.

  2. Recycle

    Tip: Get to know you’re recyclables! We’re talking plastic, paper, glass, and more. Set aside a separate bin for recycling to keep it simple.

  3. Reusable bottles and cups

    Tip: Buy a few reusable water bottles and coffee mugs. It’s the perfect way to save the environment and save on money - places like Starbucks offer a discount when using your own cup :)

  4. Limit electricity and water usage

    Tip: This one is pretty simple - turn off the lights and TV when they’re not in use. And for water - take shorter showers and turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth. Little changes, big difference!

  5. Walk and bike more!

    Tip: Was one of your resolutions related to fitness and health? Combine both with saving the environment! Is the grocery store only a couple blocks away? Or your favorite coffee shop? Drive less and walk or bike more! It’ll be good for your health and even better for the environment.

  6. Find charities to work with!

    Tip: Our personal favorite is our brand partner - Heal the Bay! Heal the Bay is an awesome organization based in Los Angeles that helps to keep our oceans and beaches protected. Want to help out? Visit their website and sign up to volunteer :)