Beachly Tips: 4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

4 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Hey there, beach lover - or should I call you Earth Lover in honor of Earth Day!? Here at Beachly, we're all about celebrating this beautiful place we call home every day of the year. And in celebration of Earth Day, I'm going to share some of my favorite simple and fun ways we can all come together as the Beachly Tribe and make a positive impact on the environment! 

Are you ready to join me in some little acts of activism!? Let’s dive right in on ways you can celebrate Earth Day!

P.S. Did you know as a part of Beachly you're already making a difference!? Every Beachly box purchased funds beach clean ups by our partners at Heal the Bay! 


Be Ocean Positive

My first tip to honor Mother Earth this season is to be Ocean Positive. Our friends over at SeaTrees make it super easy to do so. Being Ocean Positive is all about sequestering more carbon emissions than you’re creating.

In other words...

Ocean Positivity is all about having a positive impact on the ocean, the life it supports, and the people that call coastal ecosystems home! Blue-carbon ecosystems (aka SeaTrees) sequester CO2 faster than any other ecosystem on Earth. Pretty cool, right?

Donate to SeaTrees today and join the Ocean Positive crew to get the good vibes flowing this Earth Day :)

Reduce Waste 

Isn't it amazing how trash can build up so fast!? I don't know about you, but I receive sooo many packages and boxes of new beach goodies every month which makes it hard to find a way to reduce my personal waste. So I started doing some research and self-work and found that one of the simplest ways to minimize what I put into the trash can is to minimize the extra stuff I don’t need.

Brooke's Waste Reducing Tips

Want some simple and easy ways to get started on reducing your waste? Every time I order take out food, I always request no extra utensils or napkins. And when I go to the grocery store - if I forget my bags - I always reuse the plastic bags as small trash can liners. Super easy and so effective! 

Check out this cool #skipthestuff campaign to learn more about simple, effective ways to reduce the waste and celebrate Earth Day!

 Use Reusable Products

I’m a strong supporter of using reusable products in my everyday life. No matter the case, there are many sustainable options to combat Big Plastic.

Check out a few of my favorite reusable products that any true beach lover must have...

Reusable Products

Ready to upgrade your morning coffee run? Grab this sweet, bright Sunrise Shack Tumbler. Ditch your plastic straw for my favorite Rainbow Straw by our friends at Sand Straw. And swap out your boring plastic grocery bag for this fun, tropical Green Palm Market Tote.

Host a Beach Clean Up 

I’m all about helping our environment, even when we aren't celebrating Earth Day! Here at Beachly, our love for the coast is the common thread that holds us together as a Good Vibe Tribe. And part of that love is doing everything we can to protect and nurture beaches and coasts across the globe. One of my favorite ways to do this is to do a beach clean-up. And get this, when you join the Beachly loyalty club, the Sun Seekers Society, you’ll earn 25 sun dollars just for this simple little act! 

Step 1: Find your favorite beach, coastline, seashore, or shoreline that needs a little love. Take an hour to walk around and pick up any trash, making the place better than it was before. 

Step 2: Snap a photo or two of yourself helping clean up our environment. 

Step 3. Send your photo to to earn your sun dollars! Be sure to include your full name in the email!

Happy Earth Day, Beachly Tribe! Leave a comment below and let me know what you'll be doing to celebrate Earth Day and give back to our beautiful beaches!