How to get Sun-kissed Skin this Winter | Beachly Tips

sun kissed skin this winter
During the winter we could all use a little beauty pick-me-up, no matter where we live. Just because we may not be out in the sun as much doesn’t mean we can’t look like our beautiful summery selves. Here are 3 ways you can get sun-kissed skin this winter.

Try a new self tanner - Self tanners have come a long way in recent years. What used to result in orange palms and a fake color now results in an easy application and super natural tan. To get the best result, make sure you exfoliate prior to application and go easy on dry spots like elbows and knees. A few of our favorite tanner brands include St. Tropez, Tan Towel and Coola.

Self Tanner

Update your skincare routine - Certain products are superb at adding extra glowiness to your skin. Upgrade from a simple moisturizer to one with hyaluronic acid for added hydration and moisture. Look for a serum with skin-enhancing oils like this one from Glossier to really increase the brightness and glow of your skin. 

Winter Beauty Box

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Try out some dewy make-up - Once you’ve got your new tan and glowy skin you’re ready for the final touch - some beautiful make-up. A primer like this one from Benefit Cosmetics will give a dewy base while a highlighter such as this one from NARS creates the perfect finishing touch of shimmer and highlight your best features.

Dewy Skincare

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Phew! Are you craving some sun-kissed looking skin like I am? I cannot wait to be soaking in the sunshine and see my skin get an extra glow to it. Until then, I'll be checking out all these goodies and definitely using my Beachly Beauty Winter box