Beachly Tips: How to spread the good vibes this Spring

Beachly Tips Spread the Good Vibes this Spring

Spring has arrived and you know what that means... it's the start of a brand new season! What better time to start fresh with a clean slate than now? Coming off of the weekend of so much love (Valentine's), I've been thinking a lot about love and how I can carry these good vibes on all year long. So I put together some notes on spreading the love that I want to share with you! Let's spread the good vibes and love together this year. The world needs us, beach lover!

Learn to love yourself
Want to know a simple trick to being the best version of yourself? It's learning to love YOU! Love yourself just the way you are - your quirks and unique traits and everything in-between. When we're our authentic selves, we can bring so much love, light, and a whole lotta good vibes to those around us. So step one? Love yourself. It might take a little extra work, but I promise you'll be a happier, better, brighter person to the people around you. 

Tips: Smile more, get a good night sleep (every night), nourish your body with healthy foods, appreciate the little things and write down your gratitudes, turn on your favorite Good Vibes Playlist, soak up some sunshine and get outdoors, take a little extra time on your skincare, treat yourself to something you love, and let loose every once in a while! 

 Give grace to others

After we learn to love ourselves, the next step is learning how to give grace to others. It's the best way to spread good vibes and share the love! We're all journeying through life in our own unique ways - each of us faces mountains. to climb and valleys to endure. When we give grace to others, we spread kindness and exude a whole lotta love. 

So the next time someone steals your parking spot or messes up your coffee order? Give 'em some grace, share a smile, and remember that we're all human afterall. 

 Do a random act of kindness

Speaking of coffee orders... have you ever had the car in front of you pay for your order? If you have - it's the best feeling ever! It will make your day and help you forget all of the things that went wrong that morning. But do you want to know what an even better feeling is? When you're the person treating a stranger to their morning cuppa coffee. So this Spring, I'm going to challenge all members of the Beachly Tribe to do at least one random act of kindness.

P.S. Want the chance to be featured on the Beachly Instagram? Tag us with #beachlykindness and we'll share your random act of kindness on our social media. 

Tips - Organize a COVID-friendly beach clean-up, donate money to your favorite charity (check out our friends at Heal the Bay or SeaTrees), send a letter to an old friend, or pay for the car behind you in a drive-thru. 

Can you think of any fun ways to spread the good vibes this Spring? Leave a comment down below and let us know!