Beachly Tips: Staying Healthy When the Weather Gets Cold

When the weather starts to drop and the leaves begin to Fall, it's a sign that it's time to start amping up our water and vitamin intake! This year, we're preparing to boost our immune system and stay healthy more than ever before. Check out this list of ways to stay healthy during the cold, flu, and COVID season with these simple tips and tricks. 

 Eat Mindfully

With the holidays right around the corner, we'll definitely be splurging on Halloween candy, Thanksgiving meals, and all the festive-treats in sight. Staying mindful of our diet and eating habits will help to keep us semi-on track and feeling our best through the end of the year. Psst... it's all about balance! A whole lotta greens, healthy fats and protein with some sweet treats and delicious, hearty meals in-between.  

Foods that help to boost your immune system

Citrus fruits - Red bell peppers - Broccoli - Garlic - Ginger - Spinach - Yogurt - Almonds - Sunflower seeds - Turmeric - Green tea - Papaya - Kiwi - Poultry - Shellfish

Stay Hydrated

You’ve heard it a million times, but staying hydrated is crucial when sticking to healthy eating. Not only will this it help to keep you hydrated - but upping your water intake helps to fight off infections, maintain a high-level of energy, and have radiant skin. What more could you ask for!?

Stay Active in New Ways

It’s hard to stick to regular workout schedules when the cold weather creeps in and the holidays roll around. It's chilly out, gets dark later, and there's a million other things to be doing related to the holiday season. Finding ways to get your workout in that are also fun and accessible will help you to stay active - aka healthy - in new ways.

Brooke's Tips

Take a wintery hike, go on a neighborhood walk, do a quick online fitness video.

Make Time for Self-Care

Just as important as staying active, eating healthy, and hydrating - making time for some self-care and R&R for yourself during the busy holiday season will help you feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically healthier. Whether you take 30 minutes a day to read a book at home, sip your coffee fireside to get the day started, or simply do something calming just for you.

Brooke's Tips

I love to start my morning journaling with a hot cuppa coffee. And to wind down at night, there's nothing like a face mask and body scrub to pamper yourself before bed.

Everything in Moderation

This time of year is all about enjoying special treats and moments to celebrate the holidays. Of course you'll splurge on some sweet treats and maybe drink a few more cocktails than usual. So don’t beat yourself up if you have an indulgent day (or weekend), just try to get back on track the next day. It’s all about balance and appreciating the moment! You deserve to treat yourself and take care of yourself, Beachly Babe!