Let's Celebrate World Oceans Day with SeaTrees!

Beachly x Sea Trees: World Oceans Day - bright crashing waves

Aloha, sunshine lover! I'm so excited to touch base with you this week and tell you all about the importance of today - it's World Oceans Day! Here at Beachly, we're all about the ocean. The salty air, crashing waves, aqua water as well as all the life and mystery that exists within it.

We're true believers that the ocean gives so much to us and we're huge advocates of of doing all we can to give back to it. This is why I am soo excited to tell you all about our friends over at SeaTrees and all we're doing to give back to the big blue waters. 

If you didn't already know, we have been teamed up with SeaTrees this last year helping restore California's coastal kelp forests with donations from every single Beachly box sold. Well, we are happy to announce that we are now transitioning in supporting a new initiative on behalf of SeaTrees and I am so excited to tell you all about it. 

Who is SeaTrees? 

SeaTrees is a global non-profit working to regenerate coastal ecosystems, increase biodiversity, and create jobs in sustainable communities. On Earth Day 2021, SeaTrees announced their first major milestone - 1 million SeaTrees planted + protected! Talk about making a huge impact. SeaTrees is already working hard to find quality new projects where they can work together to plant the next Million SeaTrees.

Longer-term, their goal is to support 100 blue-carbon projects in threatened coastal ecosystems by 2030, in turn becoming a global leader in developing blue-carbon projects. Here at Beachly, we are committed to helping them achieve their goals of restoring the coastal ecosystems, one Beachly box at a time. 

Sea Trees diver and restoring underwater reefs

Ho'oawaiwai Watershed Project

If you've been a part of Beachly for a while, you most likely know that we have been helping build and restore kelp forests across California for the past year. I am happy to announce that we have now allocated our donations to the Ho'oawaiwai Watershed Project where we will he helping restore and regenerate critical coastal watershed systems that have been deeply neglected over the years and are now impacting the island's ecosystems. 

The Maliko Gulch and Launiupoko are the tao districts that are receiving the greatest help through the Watershed Project. The Maliko Gulch has served as a dumping ground for over 100 years whereas Launiupoko's soil has been left fallow and can no longer support the native plant species in its condition. 

In order to support these areas, SeaTrees is focusing specifically on removing trash and invasive species (plant and animal), and growing native and voyaging plant species (a mix of trees, shrubs, and grasses) in critical areas within the watershed. This will in turn reduce soil erosion and sedimentation into the streams, resulting in direct improvements and protection of the reef systems that are located at the end of the watershed.

Maui, Hawaii Watershed Project Site

The Beachly x SeaTrees Partnership 

As a part of Beachly, you are playing a huge role in helping restore these watersheds and bring life back to the Hawaiian Islands. For every Beachly box purchased, we're donating profits to our friends at SeaTrees. When you invite a friend to come and join the Beachly Tribe, you're helping to grow, restore, and rebuild the Maliko Gulch and Launiupoko watersheds. 

Not only are you helping restore the islands by supporting the reintroduction of native plants to the area, you are also getting to experience all the good vibes Beachly has to offer - the best of both worlds! Together, we can shape a better beach lifestyle for all by supporting ocean-positive causes and inspiring others to join in celebration of World Oceans Day!

If you would like to do more to support, please visit SeaTrees and explore all the amazing projects they are supporting across the world! You can also use promo code OCEANLOVE for $20 OFF your first Beachly Box! Be sure to grab yours to get all your Summer essentials delivered straight to your door. 

Beachly x Sea Trees - every box gives back to Sea Trees