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Elizabeth Mott x Beachly Beauty products & Giveaway

Alohaaa sunshine lover! Can you believe the first day of Summer is right around the corner!? I'm so excited the warm weather is finally here and I get to share a whole new set of essentials for all my beauty-lovers out there. Speaking of beauty lovers.... did you know the Summer Beachly Beauty box is now shipping? If you're a member already, you box will be in your hands in no time. If you haven't yet joined the Beachly Beauty tribe, there's no better time than NOW - click here to sign up for our Summer Beauty box!

This week, I am so excited to tell you all about our friends over at Elizabeth Mott. This Korean-beauty inspired company is closely related to one of our favorites - Hanalei and they are featured in our Summer beauty box with their Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer!

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Behind the Brand with Elizabeth Mott

Elizabeth Mott is a K-beauty inspired brand that came from years of excitement and devotion to Korean Beauty from their founder, Alice Kim. Growing up, Alice was traveling to Korea all the time and always felt like a "kid in the candy store" from all the unheard-of ingredients and unbelievably good products! She was able to be opened up to a whole new world of beauty and decided to turn this passion into a career of her own, now bringing us the Elizabeth Mott brand! 

Alice Kim & Product

Fun Fact

Alice considers one of he biggest mentors to be her mother who gave her the opportunity to pursue her dream when she immigrated to the United States from Korea during the 70's. She was also encouraged by her mother to do whatever she wanted to do with her life which made her extremely confident in pursuing a path in a creative field! We must say, we are thankful for that because now we have both amazing brands of Elizabeth Mott and Hanalei Company! 

Did you know?

Founder Alice Kim and her husband both were formerly working on Wall Street prior to starting their brands in Hawaii! They both felt that the NYC work-life wasn't made for them and wanted a more fulfilling occupation. Now, they can confidently say that they love what they do can can't wait to continue to expand both of their global ecommerce brands, 

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The Elizabeth Mott Summer Feature

Whatup Beaches Bronzer & Model

Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer | $30 retail value

Details -This cruelty-free makeup bronzer is the perfect universal shade that will leave you looking like a natural beach babe! It‚Äôs a silky, blend-able, buildable formula and oh-so easy to apply. Everyone will be asking what your bronzed secret is. Simply apply the bronzer in a ‚Äú3 shape‚ÄĚ across your forehead, over your cheek bone, and down your jawline for a perfectly bronzed look.¬†

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The Elizabeth Mott x Beachly Beauty Summer Giveaway 

Beachly Beauty x Elizabeth Mott Giveaway Products

Are you ready for our first official giveaway of the season? I'm sure you know by now that it's with none other than our Summer box friends at Elizabeth Mott! This giveaway is perfect for any skincare lover. There's vibrant, fresh products to give your skin the perfect Summertime refresh. Did I mention it's valued at $260? Click here to enter the Elizabeth Mott x Beachly Beauty Giveaway! 

If you can't tell, we are beyond excited to be working with Elizabeth Mott this season. We have been longtime friends with the brand and their sister company, Hanalei, and they are the perfect addition to your Summer beauty routine. Once your box arrives, don't forget to tag us on Instagram and let us know what your favorite item(s) are! I have a feeling the Whatup Beaches Bronzer will be at the top of your list!

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