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Lani Makana Beachly Fall 2023

Hey there, sunshine. Showing off all our Fall brands has been so much fun, I hop you've loved them all just as much as I have! Sadly, this is our last week of showing off our Fall brands and our final Fall giveaway! I think you're going to love this final highlight and chance to win some coastal goodies. 

This week, we are diving into Lani Makana - the creators of The Beach Treasures Magnet Set and the co-hosts of this week's giveaway! We think you're going to love these pieces even more after learning about this coastal brand. 

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Meet Katherine Makaiwi of Lani Makana

Picture this: sandy shores, the soothing sounds of the ocean, and a creative soul weaving the essence of the beach into every stitch. That's Katherine Makaiwi, the vibrant mind and skilled hands behind the eclectic Lani Makana brand. Growing up with a knack for crafting, she blended her Californian roots with a deep-seated love for the Hawaiian way of life, resulting in a unique blend of beachy elegance.

But what drives this creative force? It's her "why" that echoes the essence of Lani Makana. The beach, for Katherine, is not just a location; it's a sanctuary, a solace that has guided her through life's stormiest chapters. Even miles away from the Islands, she seeks that soothing sea-salt breeze daily, and through her creations, she extends that tranquil escape to you.

Lani Makan Giveaway Featured Products

Lani Makana, meaning "gifts from heaven" in Hawaiian, is more than a brand; it's a celebration of life's simple pleasures. With designs inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Hawaii and the captivating allure of the California Coast, every piece is a testament to the natural beauty she cherishes. Expect nothing but the finest quality, as Katherine tirelessly scours the shores for beach treasures and natural stones to infuse into her exquisite collections.

Join Lani Makana in savoring the joy found in the little moments, in the touch of beach-inspired elegance, and in the timeless beauty woven by a true artisan. Let Katherine Makaiwi's passion for the ocean elevate your everyday style, one stunning piece at a time!

The Lani Makana Fall Feature

The Beach Treasures Magnet Set | $20 retail value

Beach Treasures Magnet Set

Details - These beautiful beach magnet sets feature genuine sea glass, small starfishes, and sea biscuit sand dollars. They are attached to strong magnets and are perfect for holding your beach memories!

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The Lani Makana x Beachly Fall Giveaway  Lani Makana Giveaway

Are you ready for our final official Fall box giveaway? I'm sure you know by now that it's with none other than our Fall box friends, Lani Makana! This giveaway is oh-so beachy and perfect for skincare lovers. Click here to enter the Lani Makana x Beachly Giveaway!  

I'm sure that you cannot wait to dive into this brand, they have so many pieces you'll love to have on your next beach vacation! Be sure to shop their store and get your hands on some of the goodies featured in this week's giveaway!

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