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GoldFish Kiss

Aloha, sunshine! We're well into Summer with sunshine-filled days finally arriving. June has passed us by and July is here for another month full of sunshine and good vibes! If you haven't gotten your box yet, no worries. It will be with you in no time and you can check your shipment date in the Beachly Member Dashboard! 

This week, we are looking at one of our featured brands from the Summer box. I am here to introduce you to Rebekah Steen, aka Goldfish Kiss - the creator of the Hawaiian Shores Tank and the Seaside Retreat Over Swim! Let's meet this coastal artist and all about her work. 

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All About Rebekah Steen
Welcome to the colorful and captivating world of Rebekah Steen, affectionately known as Goldfish Kiss! Bursting with creativity and a zest for life, this talented artist has captured the hearts of many with her vibrant artwork. We're diving into the inspiring journey of Rebekah Steen, exploring her art, her boundless inspiration, and the extraordinary life she leads.
Rebekah Steen
You may be wondering where did the name of Goldfish Kiss come from?  Goldfish Kiss is not just a clever moniker; it's a representation of Rebekah's effervescent personality and her love for the ocean. Rebekah began sharing her artwork on her blog, also called Goldfish Kiss, in 2011. What started as a personal creative outlet quickly gained popularity as people fell in love with her unique style and infectious enthusiasm.
Goldfish Kiss

Rebekah's art is a vibrant fusion of tropical colors, sun-drenched beaches, and playful motifs. Her love for the ocean and coastal living shines through in each brushstroke, inviting viewers into a world of endless summer. Inspired by her surroundings in Hawaii when she first started the blog, Rebekah infuses her work with a sense of adventure, joy, and a touch of whimsy. Although she has since moved from Hawaii, and to many places including LA, the Bay, Minnesota, and now Seattle, she still is inspired by the tropics and all things colorful. 

Rebekah's artistic talents extend beyond traditional canvas paintings. She embraces various mediums, including watercolors, acrylics, digital art, and even hand-painted surfboards. From intricate seashell illustrations to captivating mermaid portraits, each piece captures the essence of coastal living and transports viewers to a paradise of their own.

Goldfish Kiss Art

Rebekah's art goes beyond mere aesthetics. It is an invitation to celebrate life, embrace joy, and let go of inhibitions. With her playful and uplifting creations, she aims to inspire others to live authentically, chase their dreams, and find solace in the simple pleasures of life. Her art has become a source of positive energy for many, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Are you just¬†ÔĽŅlovingÔĽŅ Rebekah's vibe and want to dive more into her work? Luckily for you, Rebekah just published her very own book that is all about her love for the ocean and island-life. It's a poetry book for those who love life but don't want to¬†take life too seriously.¬†It contains over 35 full-page tropical photographs, along with hand-drawn illustrations and poems, and is simply a lovely and unique book!¬†

Goldfish Kiss Book

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The Goldfish Kiss x LWLH Summer Feature

The Hawaiian Shores Tank | $45 retail value

Details - This super cute pocket tank featuring "If Found Please Return To Hawaii" was inspired by the artists mindset that no matter where we are, there is one thing we can all agree on, we always want to end up in Hawaii!

The Seaside Retreat Over Swim | $60 retail value

Details¬†- Perfectly lightweight and the most versatile- this overswim will take you from the beach to the streets all summer long.¬† And in true Beachly style- we‚Äôve added the perfect surprise tropical touch on the back with the beautifully embroidered ‚ÄėAnother Day In Paradise‚Äô.

Beachly Summer Features

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