O'Neill Blue Collection | Beachly Behind the Brand

O'Neill Blue Collection | Beachly Behind the Brand

Happy Summer, Beachly Tribe! When warm days have arrived you know exactly where our minds wander - the cool blue oceans! Aqua waters, crashing waves, warm sand, and palm trees swaying in the breeze. That's our kinda paradise.

With our love for the beach comes a sense of responsibility to honor and take care of it. One of our favorite brands, O'Neill, is founded on the same philosophy. Their founder, Jack O'Neill, has instilled in the O'Neill brand that "the ocean is alive and we've got to take care of it." And here at Beachly - we definitely agree! That's why we're partnering up with O'Neill this week to share an exclusive Beachly, Beachly Beauty, and O'Neill giveaway to celebrate their sustainable collection - O'Neill Blue. 

Keep an eye out for the Beachly x O'Neill giveaway going live this Friday, July 16 at 9 am PST. Follow Beachly and Beachly Beauty for the chance to win! 

Ready to learn more about O'Neill, their brand philosophy, and the O'Neill Blue collection? Let's dive in!

The O'Neill Mission

As a brand, O'Neill is on the mission to "minimize the impact on [the] planet and become a frontrunner on sustainability." Their founder, Jack O'Neill, was passionate about caring for our oceans and educating the youth about ocean conservation. In its present form, the O'Neill brand carries on the spirit of their founder and his passion for protecting our oceans through sustainable efforts and their O'Neill Blue sustainable product collection. 

Learn More About the O'Neill Blue Collection

The sustainable O'Neill Blue Collection is all about sourcing environmentally-friendly, sustainable materials to design and create a collection of products. With a heart for the ocean and surf lifestyle, the O'Neill Blue collection is focused primarily on mens boardshorts and womens swimwear. 

The O'Neill Blue Collection

Fun Fact

Today, 30% of the O'Neill mens boardshorts and 50% of womens swim are designed and manufactured using sustainable materials. By 2022 that number is expected to grow to 60%, and by 2023 80%! Pretty cool, right?

The Inspiration Behind the Fall 2021 O'Neill Blue Collection

The Fall O'Neill Blue Collection was based on the French Countryside and O'Neill team rider - Victoria Vergara. The colors for the collections were inspired by the rolling hills of France. 

"Being bold to me is being your true self. By doing what you want, dressed how you want, and living your life like everything is possible. Being bold is being fearless about the perceptions of others, because the most important is you and what your heart wants." - Victoria Vergara

Pssst - The Beachly x O'Neill giveaway features the Sylvie swim style which flaunts a bold black and feminine floral prints. I think you're going to love it!

O'Neills Commitment to Sustainability

Some of the ways O'Neill has committed to using more sustainable materials in their products are by using repreve, primaloft, organic cotton, sustainable viscose, mipan regen, recycled cotton / poly, modal rayon, and recycled polyester. Not an expert in fabric materials? No worries! All of these materials are sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and eco-conscious. 

Fun Fact

Repreve converts used plastic bottles into durable fibers and has recycled over 20 billion bottles from the ocean and landfills.

We are honored to be partnering up with a brand that loves and respects the ocean as much as we do. Beachly, O'Neill, and the Beachly Tribe are going to make a huge impact on the world as we know it. If you want to shop the O'Neill Blue collection or other O'Neill products, you can check out all they have to offer here!