Our Favorite Travel Secret | Beachly Travel

Our Favorite Travel Secret | Beachly Travel

Aloha, beach babes! Daylight savings is in full swing and you know what that means... more hours of sunshine which equals more time to have some fun in the sun. In case you haven't caught on yet, that's what our current Spring box is all about. It's filled with all the tropical vacay essentials you could ever need to soak up the sunshine and ease into warmer days. Just what we've all been craving after all the cold Winter months.

Have you received your Spring box yet? If you haven't, then now's the time to sign up and get your box in time for the season! You can take $30 off your Spring box with the code BEACHLYWT. That's $365+ worth of sunshine-inspired, beach babe finds for only $69. Join the Tribe here! 

Beachly Spring Box

Pssst! If you're already a part of the Good Vibe Tribe, then I have something extra exciting to share with you today. It might just be my best kept travel secret. Let me introduce you to our globetrotting, wanderlust friends over at Well Traveled! I have a feeling you're going to absolutely looove them! 

All About Well Traveled

Well Traveled is a female-founded community built for the modern traveler. As a part of the Beachly Tribe, I have a feeling you love a tropical escape to some kinda island paradise every once in a while. Right!? With your new Seascape Cover Up Dress, Shorebreak Weekender, and Fun in the Sun Packing Cubes, I have a feeling you'll be booking a dreamy getaway in no time to put your new Spring box goodies to use. 

Which is why I absolutely have to share my favorite travel secret with you. It's Well Traveled! If you haven't heard of Well Traveled, I've got you covered with all the details. It's my go-to spot to discover hidden travel gems, book excursions and activities, and deep dive into all the insider secrets when it comes to a new travel spot. 

Essentially, Well Traveled helps members find and book the places they want to go to. It's vetted by a community of travelers and wanderlust-seekers that you can actually trust. Made for travelers, by travelers. 

Meet the Founders

Female founders, Sam and Casi, created Well Traveled because of their love for exploring new places but misery when it came to hours spent researching just to end up in a tourist trap. I'm sure we can all relate to stumbling upon what we think is a hidden gem, but it's secretly a tourist trap that you can't wait to get out of. After one too many mishaps with tourist traps, Sam and Casi knew they had to do something to prevent themselves from ever stumbling into a cheesy, overcrowded spot again. And along came Well Traveled! The go-to spot for must-see destinations, restaurants, stays, and oh-so much more. It's the perfect way to customize travel and keep your finger on the pulse of all the hidden gems. 

Beachly x Well Traveled

Perks of Well Traveled

Members of Well Traveled get access to the community, exclusive site content, vacation planning tools, and a premium booking experience. If you love travel as much as I do, then this community is the place for you! Even when I'm not booking a trip, I love to scroll through the Well Traveled content for a little mental escape every once in a while. It's the perfect way to spark the inner adventurer inside of me and provides all the wanderlust vibes I love. 

Sooo... what do you say, Beachly Babes? Are you ready to start traveling the Well Traveled way? It's time to pack up all your Spring box goodies and Well Traveled will handle the rest. We'll provide the style, accessory, beauty, and travel essentials while Well Traveled makes sure you're getting the best price, top notch service, and all the members-only perks on every booking. Where to next? Leave a comment down below and let us know! 

Beachly Spring Box

Just for the Beachly Babes! Well Traveled is giving you $30 off your membership with the code BEACHLYWT. Sign up for Well Traveled here and start discovering all the best kept travel spots this Spring.