Our friends at Vera Bradley | Behind the Brand

Learn more about our Summer box friends, Vera Bradley!

Our friends at Vera Bradley | Behind the Brand

How is the end of the Beachly Summer season already approaching!? It feels like we just eased on out of Spring yesterday. Looking ahead, I have to say... we have a lot of exciting things coming your way in Fall. But I'll save those spoilers for later! This week, I'm giving you some behind the scenes details on our friends over at Vera Bradley. They're the ultimate girl brand with a knack for style, class, and pure chic-vibes. If you don't know them yet, I have a feeling you're going to love all the fun, vibrant prints and colors they have to offer.

Ready to learn more about Vera Bradley? Let's dive in!

Behind the Brand

It’s all about vibrant prints and friendship over at Vera Bradley! Friends Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller were traveling together in 1982 when they found themselves at the airport lost in a sea of black luggage. "This place could use some color!" A brilliant idea was born, and a sisterhood of like-minded creative women quickly followed. Female-led ingenuity and the desire to bring meaningful beauty to the world remain at the heart of the company today. 

Vera Bradley

Who is Vera Bradley?

Vera Bradley was the mother of co-founder Barbara Baekgaard. She's a true inspiration - Vera Bradley worked as a sales rep for the brand in South Florida until she passed away in the early 90s. Exuding what it truly means to be an exceptional woman, Vera Bradley's timeless style continues to inspire the brand today.

The Vera Bradley Motto

Vera Bradley was created by women, for women. Since 1982, they have given women and girls what they need to go out into the world and make their own unique mark. From thoughtful designs that strike the perfect balance of functionality, to clever organization and plenty of pockets - all things Vera Bradley are created with a woman in mind. As a brand, they strive to make female days better and better with perfectly placed pockets, straps, and so much more.

What does Vera Bradley believe in?

The VB mission is to connect women through a shared appreciation of meaningful beauty. They believe that beauty is about so much more than appearance and is reflected in our core values as women. As a brand, Vera Bradley celebrates empathy, kindness, ingenuity, tenacity, thoughtfulness, and optimism. 

Giving Back with Vera Bradley

VB cares in more ways than just one! They're on a mission to create brighter, more joyful lives for girls and women everywhere. As a company, they celebrate their associates and customers. Woven into their culture is a spirit of hope around breast cancer, building a promising future for school children, creating stronger communities, and a foundation for inclusivity and sustainability. Caring is at the core of all things they do. 

Vera Bradley

Here at Beachly, we stand by Vera Bradley in their mission to instill a spirit of care into communities all around the world. In our partnership with Vera Bradley this Summer, we featured their Rainforest Canopy Cooler which is a part of the VB ReActive line. 

Learn more about Vera Bradley ReActive

The VB ReActive line was created to build a better future together by caring for the environment and using resources in the best possible way. Their designs are consciously innovated, mindful of how materials are used and products are made. In 2020, they introduced the ReActive collection which is made from recycled plastic water bottles. 

Did you know?

Since the launch of ReActive in 2020, Vera Bradley has saved more than 6.1 million plastic bottles (and counting) from going into oceans and landfills! And to add to it, Vera Bradley is working towards achieving the goal of updating 100% of their fabrics to more sustainable alternatives by 2025. 

We are honored to be have been able to partner with such a timeless, classic, thoughtful, and caring brand in our Summer box. Vera Bradley celebrates women, the environment, and supporting communities all around the world. Learn more about Vera Bradley and add on to your ReActive Rainforest Canopy collection here!