Ripples Become Waves with Heal the Bay

Ripples Become Waves with Heal the Bay

Here at Beachly, it's ALWAYS beach season. And that means we're always on the lookout for bright ways to help make the beach a better place. One of our favorite ways to help create a better beach experience for all is by giving back to our favorite partners, Heal the Bay! Mega shoutout and a huge thanks to their incredible team for continually working hard to protect our coastlines and nurture beaches worldwide.

As part of the Beachly Tribe, we also want to take a moment to thank you for playing a significant part in keeping our coasts clean too. In case you didn't already know - Beachly donates proceeds to Heal the Bay to help them continue their monthly beach cleanups. And the coolest part? Every box you purchase donates proceeds to Heal the Bay!

Fun Fact

To date, we've helped remove over 13,600 pounds of trash off our beaches! You can help us get to 15,000 pounds of trash and inspire your very own Good Vibe Tribe to sign up for Beachly today. Together, we can all be a part of ripples becoming waves with Heal the Bay.  15000 pounds of trash

Check out Heal the Bay's Top Priorities in 2021!

In 2021, Heal the Bay is working towards tackling the biggest threats to coastal waters and watersheds in Greater LA. The following three goals represent their key areas of focus this year:

  1. Taking urgent climate action by empowering people, demanding systemic change, and advocating for multi-benefit solutions that build toward an equitable, sustainable, and climate-resilient future for all.  
  2. Protecting people and ecosystem health through science-based education, outreach, and advocacy on contaminated water, fish, and sediment at our beaches, rivers, and offshore.
  3. Eliminating harmful plastic pollution from our ocean and watersheds to defend the vibrancy of our communities.  

Take further action with Heal the Bay!

Want to dive in and take further action?! Heal the Bay makes is easy for you to get involved and protect what you love! You can "adopt" an area by committing to three cleanups in one year at a chosen site: a neighborhood, beach, park, creek, or trail. Get started today and sign up at to learn more!