Beachly Tips: Simple ways to boost your mood in 2021

Beachly Tips: Simple ways to boost your mood in 2021

Is anyone else shocked that it's already the end of January? I know I am! And so far... I'm still going strong with some of my favorite new habits I started at the beginning of this year to brighten up my days. Knowing how last year went... I was fully prepared to do simple things every day that would boost my mood and keep me feeling those good vibes we all know and love. Interested in trying out some of my favorite mood boosters? Keep on reading! 

P.S. One of my favorite unmentioned mood boosters is when my Beachly box arrives! And if you're wondering when the Spring box is coming... it's coming soon. Reeeal soon! 

Light your favorite candle

There's something about lighting my favorite candle that simply lifts my spirits. I don't know if it's the soft glow from the flame or the sweet aromas that fill the air. My latest favorite candle? The Sea Salt Surf one from the Beachly Winter box, of course! It brings me back to warm Summer days at the beach.

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Turn on a good vibes playlist

If you're anything like me, then some feel-good music can definitely get you in a better mood. I love to get my day started by playing my favorite playlist - the Ultimate Good Vibes playlist! And if you're looking for a fun way to play your music, look no further - grab a Speaqua Wireless Bluetooth speaker from the Member Market!

Do something for someone else 

Here at Beachly, we're all about giving back! We're partnered up with Heal the Bay and SeaTrees and donate every month towards restoring coastal eco-systems and keeping beaches clean. We also have an awesome Loyalty Club (newly released) called the Beachly Sun Seekers Society. You can earn rewards for doing local beach clean-ups. Together, we can make a difference and boost our mood - one act of kindness at a time :)

Speak positivity

This one might seem simple, but the impact it has is HUGE! And as a part of the Good Vibe Tribe, we're all about spreading the positivity, kindness, and love. You would be surprised how much the words we speak out loud influence our current mood. And here's another fun fact - they impact the people around us, too! So the next time you feel yourself speaking negatively or complaing... stop and take a deep breath, remember what you're grateful for, and speak good vibes only. 

How do you boost your mood? Maybe you take some extra time to focus on self-care. From skincare to bubble baths and everything in-between. A few of my favorite self-care products come from our friends at Hanalei, Pirette, and Mer-Sea! Treat yourself to these simple mood boosters, you deserve it!

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