Stoked on Sisterhood | Behind the Brand with Sisstrevolution

Stoked on Sisterhood | Sisstrevolution

Hey there sunshine! If you didn't know already, here at Beachly we love to highlight empowering, women-owned brands and give a shoutout to those who are trailblazers in their industry. I am so excited to say that this week, we have an extra special brand to highlight paired with an extra-cozy giveaway! Can you guess who it is? 

This week, I'm here to tell you all about the gals over at Sisstrevolution, their mantra, their sisterhood, and what makes them the go-get-'em brand that they are today. The best part? they're the creators of the Pacific Paradise Windbreaker in the Beachly Fall box. I think you're going to love this brand so much more once you learn all about their beliefs and foundation. 

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Behind the Brand with Sisstrevolution

Who is Sisstrevolution?

"We are a band of Sisstrs; creators, swell followers and adventure seekers united by our obsession with the sea. She guides our travels, influences our creative, and promises us the ride of our life. We take what she gives with gratitude and give back to sustain her future. Welcome to your Sisstrevolution."

Sisstrevolution launched globally in 2019 and since then, they have continued to make an impact on supporting and encouraging female surfers to take ownership of the beaches and surfbreaks they love, and to feel accountable for their protection. 

Who is Sisstrevolution?Not only is Sisstrevolution committed to supporting its band of Sisstr surfers, but they also have taken a stance on their means of production through their wetsuits. They use limestone-based neoprene and dope-dyed yarn to reduce their environmental impacts while also making some of the coolest wetsuits in the water. 

Phew! They're amazing right!? If you're looking for a brand that does it all, look no further than Sisstrevolution. Whether you're looking for your next coastal-inspired pieces to complete your wardrobe or you're a surfer yourself, you'll be able to find something I am sure you are going to love. Shop Sisstrevolutions collection here!

Band of Sisstrs

Not only is the brand built on a foundation of strength and empowerment, but the women who are a Sisstr of the brand are just as notable! They currently have a dozen amazing women who are involved in the surf world, being recognized for their skills and contributions to the world of surfing. 

You can learn so much about the gals part of the Sisstrevolution team. Whether it be surfboard shaping with Anna Talken, taking a look at Sisstr Taghiti Gericke's favorite pre-surf tunes, smoothie bowl recipes from Camila Ganon, or meeting new members of the team like Sam Sibley, there is so much to discover through Sisstrevolution!   

Band of Sisstrs

Sisstrevolution Fall Feature

The Pacific Paradise Windbreaker | $75 retail value

Details - The wind won’t stand a chance in this oh-so-feminine, color-blocked windbreaker by our friends at Sisstrevolution. We LOVE the thought and design that went into the details of this beauty - with an adjustable drawstring closure at the hem, quarter zip functionality, and front pockets - you’ll never have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Pacific Paradise Windbreaker

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Sisstrevolution Giveaway

I'm sure that you cannot wait to dive into this oh-so-feminine and empowering brand, I don't blame you! Check out their site and learn all about their band of Sisstrs while also shopping some of the best of coastal-inspired apparel. 

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