Summer Add-Ons Sale Shopping Guide | Beachly Style

Summer Add-Ons Sale Shopping Guide | Beachly Style

Aloha, sunshines! Are you ready for an endless Summer? I know I am! I've been counting down the days until Summer vacation rolls around - making memories at the beach, soaking up the sunshine, and receiving my Beachly Summer box. Ahhh - sounds like paradise if you ask me. If you stumbled upon this and aren't signed up yet to receive the Beachly Summer box, now's your chance to grab both the Spring and Summer box for a fraction of the price. Click here to join Beachly now.

Now for some exciting Beachly Babe news... Summer boxes start shipping soon - reeeal soon, like early June. Which means it's time to customize your box and add all your favorite finds to it to make it especially YOU! Just another perk of being a part of the Good Vibe Tribe. 

Pssst! Don't know what add-ons are? Every season, we invite our members to shop a collection of beachy finds that you can add on to your Summer box. Everything in the Summer Add-Ons Sale is ultraaa discounted for members, of course! Here's a simple breakdown on how it works...

How do Add-Ons work

Get ready for an endless Summer filled with good vibes, sunshine, and a whole lotta new Beachly styles. I put together this fun little shopping guide to the Summer Add-Ons Sale just for you. Let's dive in! You can access Add-Ons here.

Brooke's Shopping Guide for Summer Add-Ons

This Summer, we're bringing you a variety of fun, beachy Add-Ons to make your Summer box even bigger, better, and exclusively YOU! You can add as many items as you'd like, we'll pack 'em up with your Summer box, and it will all ship together straight to your front door. Ready for a sneak peek at Summer Box Add-Ons? Here's a few of my favorites...

The Maui Beach Rinse Bundle by Beach Rinse

This Beach Rinse smells like you could sip it on a warm, breezy beach in Maui. With a perfect balance of pineapple and coconut, you'll be transported to your ultimate paradise in no time. You can soak, scrub, or rinse for your hair, body, or a relaxing bath. And this exclusive bundle comes with a bamboo comb for your hair and a fun sticker pack! 

As a Beachly Tribe favorite, I have a feeling these Beach Rinse Bundles are going to sell out quick! Beach Rinse products are made of all natural ingredients and simulate a true ocean experience. After using Beach Rinse, your hair will feel effortlessly beachy and your skin will feel luxuriously ocean dipped. 

Maui Beach Rinse Bundle

Shop the Maui Beach Rinse Bundle here!

The Slim Floral Sandal in Black by Havaianas

Tropical-inspired florals are never out of season. They add the perfect pop of beach to any look. With pastel blooms and a simple black sole, these Havaianas are for the beach loving babe on-the-go. 

Psssst! Did you know Havaianas are made in Brazil? This thong style sandal has a cushioned footbed with a textured rice pattern and rubber flip flop sole. Did someone say vacaaaay!? These are coming in my carry on! 

Shop Add-Ons

The Urban Cutlery Set in Sea Glass by Mizu

This reusable stainless steel set can be used for beach picnics, bonfires, and all your endless summertime adventures. With the added perk of being environmentally-friendly, disposable cutlery can now be a thing of the past. This set is in my favorite color - Sea Glass, of course! 

What's inside the Urban Cuterly Set? A stainless steel straw, fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks are all neatly bundled inside a signature Mizu roll bag. 

Shop Add-Ons

Shop the Urban Cutlery Set in Sea Glass here!

Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 // Cooling Lotion by Project Reef

It's the ultimate beach babe duo for the Summer! The Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 and Cooling Lotion by Project Reef are my must-haves for my beach bag this season. With a non-nano zinc formula, the SPF 30 glides on easily with no residue left behind. And Cooling Lotion rejuvenates sun-soaked skin after beach hours.  Shop Add-Ons

Shop the Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 and Cooling Lotion here!

We have sooo many new Summer finds to shop in the Add-Ons Sale. From beauty to style, accessories, home goods, and more. I have a feeling you're going to find just what you're looking for to make your Summer box even more special and exclusively YOU! 

Ready to shop Summer Box Add-Ons? All you have to do is click here, login to your Beachly Member Account, scroll down and click on Add-Ons, and select as many as you'd like! We'll reserve your selections for you, add them to your Summer box, and get it all shipped out to you in no time. It's time to treat yourself this Summer, sunshine!