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Summer Beauty Hacks

Alohaaa sunshine lover! If you're anything like me, you're probably counting down the days until the first day of Summer, it's just over a month away! So I thought, now would be the perfect time to give my tips to keep your beauty routine refreshed and perfectly catered for the Summer season.

With long days spent soaking up the sun, your skin may be prone to extra dryness, harsh UV rays, and may be craving some extra cooling effects to survive the hotter weather. Luckily, I have compiled a list of hacks that I think will be the perfect addition to your Summer beauty routine. What do you say? Let's hop right in! 

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I always find that after a long day spent in the sun, I am craving a refreshing, cooling product to calm down my sun-drenched skin. One of my favorite hacks has been taking some of my go-to products and storing them in my fridge for some extra cooling power. Some of my favorites are facial mists, under-eye patches, and some of my favorite sheet masks! Heads up! Our Summer Beauty Box has an amazinggg face mist that is perfectly made for storing in the fridge and having cooling, calming effects from aloe and lavender - be sure to sign up to get yours! 

Nothing beats coming home from a long day outside, having some toasty skin, and instantly feeling the cooling relaxation of having pre-chilled products that are help calm any over exposure to the sun. They even have mini skincare fridges made for this purpose! 

Beauty Tip

Tip - not all skincare should go into the fridge. Most serums, especially retinol won't perform as well if stored in a cool area and the active ingredients may not be able to take on their full potential. 

As we all may know, hot weather means some extra hot days, which means we may have some days we are sweatier than normal. It happens to all of us! However, you don't have to let this take an effect on your pores. Summer is an especially important time to introduce a good facial cleanser to your routine to be sure you are washing away any grime, sweat, dirt, and excess products from your face. 

My tip? Introduce a double cleansing system to your skincare routine! You may be asking, Brooke, what is this? I'm here to tell you! A double cleanse ensures that your are removing as many impurities as possible. My favorite way, and easiest way, of doing so is using a micellar water to remove any makeup, dirt and sweat before using a cleanser. This will leave your skin a bit more clean so that your cleanser can really do it's job without having to break through extra barriers. 

Skincare Cleanse

Last but not least, and probably the most important - USE SUNSCREEN. This may seem self explanatory, but it can be easy to ignore SPF when you haven't been outside as much as you are during the Summer. It is so important to protect your skin barrier with a high SPF facial sunscreen. Many of them layer perfectly underneath makeup so you won't have to worry about a cakey build up of product. 


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Phew! That was a lot, but I am so happy to be able to share all my skincare tips and tricks as we head into the warmer, sunnier days of Summer. Just a few small tweaks to your beauty routine can leave you feeling fresh all Summer long, and well protected from the summertime heat. 

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